Ugly Duckling

Included: Lux, Shupple, Shift, and mentions of Hoom, Nyarth, Arc, and Gil.

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I blinked a few times as so many things were going through my head. That’s when my pondering thoughts shrunk me into chibi form. I believe I was rocking back and forth and titling my head in confusion.

WTF?!?! Like really all these things that Shupple shows me and she starts crying and I have a HELL of a time trying to figure it out. AND THEN to top it off that JERK called Shift does that to her. ARGH!!!! SERIOUSLY!!! What type of dude does that? He had no balls or anything because if he did, well he would be sitting in my place swooning over her…or maybe it’s my charming good looks and my addicting smile. Your choice, I’m a winner either way! BUT RAWR!!!

I felt someone poking my forehead as I noticed Shupple leaning over the table, “Umm Lux you shrunk?”

I turned beat red because that was totally taken out of proportion when she said that. Damn my thoughts for being in the gutter. And as far as proportion, I could see up her shirt as she leaned over. SCORE!!! Wait I have to say something mature…

“I see your boobs…” DAMN IT! That’s the first thing I say to her because that sight was amazing.

But to set if off, I got the glare, the GRR, then a kick to my jewels which lead me to crying on the table from the pain. “W….wh….why Shupple?....I ne….need….those….” I babbled holding myself under the table. The things I do for women and how much I suffer for them. I swear I will never be able to reproduce again.

The good news though was Shupple broke out of her sad mood and began to laugh, that’s sick that she laughs at a guy in pain, really who laughs at a guy in pain. *looks at the crowd* YOU ARE ALL BASTARDS FOR LAUGHING AT ME IN PAIN!!!

“Shupple,” I said to her, snapping out of it quickly and looking at her seriously. “You’re being childish right now don’t you think?”

“What?” I think she was rather astonished about what I just said to her but it was the truth. Her face was shocked but then lead to a glare, “What do you know? It wasn’t easy being me and having your family taken away! You don’t understand the pain he put me through. You call me childish? You’re just being rude!”

By this time I had already finished my burger and was still munching on the fries in front of me. I left out a small chuckle and looked at her with a sly smile, “Wow, haha. Insult number 2 today. You’re on a roll Shupple.” I waved my hand in the air, “Check please.”

The waiter brought it around as I took a few more bites of my fries and ignored that Shupple was glaring at me. I gave the waiter my credit card as I took another drink and spoke to Shupple once again. “You don’t get it do you, I lost my family at the age of 7, I’ve been alone far longer then you have, and you say I don’t understand? Ha, I perfectly understand Shupple so please do not be so naïve to ever say that to me again.” I smiled twirling the alcohol in my glass, or at least what was left of it. I smiled and continued, “What I said was not meant to be an insult but an eye opener. You say that’s who you are but I don’t see it that way.”

“Lux I’m-“ She started but I stopped her.

“There is no need, I already know what you are going to say and don’t worry I wasn’t mad. You are childish if you are letting these things define who you are.” I exclaimed to her.

“But those are the things that define me Lux.” She said as she finished her salad. The waiter brought back my card and signed it giving it back and putting my card away. “Shift is the one that made me into who I am today.”

I took my last gulp of my drink and stood up and looked down at her. “So you are going to let Shift define who you are? Is that it? Think about it…”

I walked on ahead without her to let her think about it. She came following but the silence was maintained for a long time. She only nodded when I briefly asked her a question. I remembered what Nyarth had told me so we both went to a toy story and I was able to find a nice stuffed lion and bought it for Cedric who was back at the hospital. Shupple was looking at some of the stuffed animals, and the one in particular she was looking at were birds. She quickly turned and exited outside to sit on the bench as she waited for me. Going over to where she was, I noticed something special and purchased it for her.

The clerk thanked me for coming as I left his store and stood next to Shupple in the bright sunshine. Such a beautiful day!

“Lux?” Shupple said looking down at her feet. Before she continued I tossed the bag onto her lap and took a few steps forward as she opened it up. She blinked a few times as she saw the swan stuffed animal in front of her with big eyes and so fluffy like feathers. Of course they weren’t real but it was cute and for Shupple she needed to know the message behind it.

“Did you ever hear the story about the ugly duckling Shupple?” I asked looking up at the sky.

“Umm yes bits and pieces.” She muttered as she played with the wings.

“Then you know that the ugly duckling was always made fun, pushed around, and never fit in wherever she went. The ugly duckling is you Shupple.” I adjusted my glasses and smiled at her. “But you know, that ugly duckling never let that get her down because as the years pasted so did the ugliness, because that ugly duckling blossomed into a beautiful swan. Everyone who had made fun of her was amazed by her transformation. She never let anyone define who she was. The moral of the story is regardless of what happened in the past, everything turns out right in the end and that someone can not be defined by what others say because beauty in the eyes of the beholder. Shupple you are a swan, no, you are a beautiful young lady and think nothing less of yourself.”

She looked at the swan and held it tightly against her chest but the water works began. Crap, not what I had intended. But lucky for me she quickly got up and ran into my chest and held me. She didn’t have to say anything because I already knew she was grateful for what I did. I only stroked her hair.

“You can not let Shift define you because of what he did for you in the past. Yes, he help make you into what you are now, but he hasn’t been around for 7 years now so did he do anything for you during that time?”

“No.” She cried into me.

“No, and you are better off without him. The real Shupple is the woman standing before me…” I slowly pushed her in front of me keeping my hands on her shoulders and looked into her eyes. “The real you is a strong young woman, enjoys playing the piano, independent, loving, caring, beautiful, picks on her best friend way to much by kicking him in places she shouldn’t, and most importantly, she is a ghost pokemon who has evolved into a beautiful swan on her own without the assistance of others.”

She whipped away a few tears and quickly grabbed my hand as we began to walk off again. “Thanks Lux.” She whispered.

“I am only speaking the truth sweetie.” I gave her a quick bump with my hips and she returned the favor a few moments later. We broke into laughter shortly after that as we continued to enjoy our date together.

We went to a few other stores were she bought jewelry and some other items, I wasn’t entirely sure if I needed anything but I just let her do her thing inside the mall we were at. As I watched her enjoy herself I caught something out of the side of my eye, it looked like Gil. I turned quickly but they were already gone. Strange, was it Gil? I don’t recall.

Either way, after we were done the sun was beginning to set so I head a great way to end our date.

“Lux, when are you going to tell me about your past?” Shupple inquired.

“Well, how about another time.” I lead her astray, to be honest, I wasn’t going to ruin our date with my sob story so I had other plans. “Let go to the beach instead! I bet you have always wanted to walk the shore line with someone handsome as I.”

“Oh as dorky as you!” She giggled.


We quickly ran to the beach holding the others hand and once we arrived we put our bags on the sand and weighted them down. The smell of sea salt was actually refreshing as some Wingulls floated above us. I saw some water Pokemon enjoying themselves as they twirled around and jumped in. I pulled up my pants up past my knees because I only wanted my feet to get wet. I couldn’t help but wag my tail in delight from the beautiful scene before me with the sun’s reflection on the water.

“Come on Shupple, I don’t got all day!”

“Coming!” She pranced in like a Ponyta and I held her hand once again as we walked the shoreline together.

“So are you excited about seeing the Arc tomorrow?” I asked her.

“I am but I admit I am still a bit nervous. The way he kiss- OH!” She bit her tongue.

“OH HO! So you two did have a make out session! Was it on top of the hospital??” I poked her.

She turned away and gently pushed me a bit deeper into the water. “Maybe…” She smirked.

“Aww no need to be modest or embarrassed Shupple. It’s so cute seeing you flustered like this. The dog likes you!”

“Do you have to call him a dog?”

Rubbing the back of my head and laughing a bit, “Well you can’t deny he isn’t one, and you also know cats and dogs are born enemies, but I have no quarrels with him. Besides, I know he will be good to you.” I winked at her taking a step into the deeper water.

She stopped and looked up, “I really am lucky. Even with everything that happened in the past..”


“I am so blessed to have Arc as my new boyfriend, Tanner as a brother figure, the girls at the mansion, and you as my best friend Lux. I can’t thank God enough for all of you. You are right, Shift can’t define because I have defined who I am and I proud of that and those in my life now, you know?” Her widened…

“Again WAY to modest!” I scoffed as I was already bent over splashing her with water.

“GAH!!! LUX!!!” She came running at me but I quickly dodged and tripped her as she went head first into the water.

I couldn’t retain my laughter as I continued to splash her, but the glare of death came out and I tried to run but she used a shadow sneak on me causing my to fall next to her into the water. Damn, should have seen that coming. She jumped onto of me as we rolled over the other laughing as the waves kept splashing us every couple of seconds. Then I grabbed her arms and flipped her over me as I was taken under water by the current.

“Lux where did you go?” She stood up trying to get out of the deep and head to shore.

Little did she know I was in chibi mode swimming underwater as my tail twirled around in a circle like a motor. Yes, it was my own little unique invention. Brilliant yes? I thought so.

All I heard was the Jaws theme song in my head as I approached her…Daaadut daaaaadut…..daadut daadut daaadut…

Before she could prepare her next attack I glomped her from behind and threw her into the water and began tickling her. We probably did this for 30 minutes before we headed out of the water. We were both drenched but it was something we both needed because our tensions were so high with me and Hoom, and her and Shift. Lucky for us, there was a service there called “Torchic’s Dry Cleaners” which wasn’t just a dry cleaner but the service was like a gijinka car wash except we paid to get dry-cleaned. About ten minutes, we were dry and refreshed as we continued to walk along the beach. There was a huge crowd building as it seemed there was a huge stage with performs. Some of the folks around us mentioned a karaoke night.

That’s when I sensed his eyes again. I turned slowly to look behind me and scan my surrounding, I was able to find him looking at both of us from a tree. I blinked and turned away, maybe I could use this to my advantage.

“Alright wasn’t out last performance great? Who’s next?” Cheered the announcer. The crowd was going wild with all the different types of gijinkas.

“Wow they are really into this right Lux?” Shupple smiled as she turned to me. “Wait Lux?” I was already gone. She began panicking and looking around for me. “Lux?”

“HELLO LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!! The name’s Lux!” I roared on the microphone. Shupple had that WTF look on her face, so priceless. I wish I could have taken it with a camera oh well. “And I am here with my lovely girlfriend Shupple the Banette right there!” I pointed out and people began to form a circle around her.

“Ummm Lux what are you doing?” She asked nervously.

“Ahh baby, I have never done this before in front of anyone but I do hope you like this song I am about to sing for you. Shupple you really are amazing just the way you are!”

The crowd began to quit down as the song began. Shift was watching from afar as I began. I admit I was scared and nervous because I had never done this before and even for Hoom. But I needed to break that and do this for Shupple, I love her.

“Oh her eyes, her eyes
Make the stars look like they're not shining
Her hair, her hair
Falls perfectly without her trying

She's so beautiful
And I tell her every day

Yeah I know, I know
When I compliment her
She wont believe me
And its so, its so
Sad to think she don't see what I see

But every time she asks me do I look okay
I say

When I see your face
There's not a thing that I would change
Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile,
The whole world stops and stares for awhile
Cause girl you're amazing
Just the way you are”

At this point I jumped off the stage and began to walk towards Shupple who was beat red in the face as I continued,

“Her lips, her lips
I could kiss them all day if she'd let me
Her laugh, her laugh
She hates but I think its so sexy

She's so beautiful
And I tell her every day

Oh you know, you know, you know
Id never ask you to change
If perfect is what you're searching for
Then just stay the same

So don't even bother asking
If you look okay
You know I say”

I grabbed her and her and I began to dance as the crowd around us began to join in song,

“When I see your face
There's not a thing that I would change
Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile,
The whole world stops and stares for awhile
Cause girl you're amazing
Just the way you are”

I began to walk back to the stage and jumped back on as the crowd around Shupple began to clap their hands to the song.

“The way you are
The way you are
Girl you're amazing
Just the way you are

When I see your face
There's not a thing that I would change
Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile,
The whole world stops and stares for awhile
Cause girl you're amazing
Just the way you are


I pointed to Shupple as the crowd went wild. I let out a sigh because I could tell the performance was a good one, I looked over at the tree that Shift was in and I could see anger was in his eyes. I got down and embraced Shupple as she cheered as well and kissed her forehead. Shift disappeared into the night. It was enough to tick him off so that was al I needed.

“You big, gosh, I don’t even know what to even say about that performance. You were just amazing. Thank you.” She blushed holding onto my arm as we walked through the crowd. “That song…I am just speechless.”

“You don’t have to say anything Shupple, I can tell from you electrical current in your body that you loved it.” I told her with a smile and small blush.

Our last thing we did before we went back to the hospital was getting some ice cream which was delicious.

The sun had set by the time we reached the hospital. When we arrived we headed back to the room, not without seeing Cedric’s mom who told us Cedric was asleep and we could see him in the morning. At least that would be a good going away gift for him. Once in the room, I closed the shades and the door. I’ll admit this was a long day but it surely was eventful. I couldn’t complain.

But what was going to happen now was even something I wasn’t expecting. Shupple was taking off her clothes in front of me.

“ACK! Shu…Shu…Shupple, what are you doing?” I asked as my face turned red as my cheeks twitched.

“I am getting into a night robe because the nurse told me she could wash our clothes.” She said but WHY is she doing this in front of me. “Are you embarrassed Lux?”

“Ye…yeah! HELL YES! I mean really I don’t need Arc thinking that we are getting you know like this, and Hoom…OH MY LUGIA!!!” I frantically began pace then ran into the bathroom slamming the door. Shortly after I came out in my own scrubs as Shupple was already changed into a nightgown.

The nurse had arrived so we gave her our clothes. As I turned to go to my bed, Shupple already made herself comfortable in it. Why am I turning so red?

“You coming?” Shupple asked.

Wrong choice of words Shupple. “I could in a few minutes..” I joked. She threw the pillow at me from that perverted comment. I caught it and smiled nervously again, “You really don’t mean I join you in bed right?”

“Of course I mean it blue kitty.” She smiled like the ghost she was. Was she seducing me? I think she is seducing me. Her gown fell off her shoulder. AH GOD SHE IS SEDUCING ME!!! Dx

I twirled my fingers in a circle a bit uncomfortable. “Umm Shupple, I didn’t bring anything for this and I am a bit unprepared. I don’t have protection or anything but-“

“IDIOT!” She used a shadow ball on me as I hit the wall a bit shell shocked. She too was now blushing, “That’s not what I was talking about, I just wanted to sleep with you because of Shift and well….I feel safe around you….nothing more…”

“OH!?” Head drop…dang and here I thought I was being seduced. THANK GOD! I mean Shupple is sexy but I don’t see her that way like I do with Hoomy…I would have already taken everything off and umm cough cough.

Her eyes glanced me up and down as she lifted an eyebrow. “Why are you so nervous? I thought you have slept with a woman before?”

I nearly fell over, not that I really wanted to admit that but it was true. I haven’t slept with a woman before. “Umm well you see, I respect my ladies enough that I have never done that before.”

“I see.” I think she got the drift but she still patted the bed.

I slowly came to her like a Slowpoke not sure of his territory. But with little hesitation, I sat down next to her. Could she tell I was shaking, maybe? I was trying to contain this fear. This was entirely new to me, and she was totally cool with this. Nevertheless, Shupple eased me down as she wrapped her arm around me and used a shadow sneak to turn the light off. Pulling up the covers I wrapped my arm around her and felt her cuddle into my chest. For some odd reason, I liked it and I am not sure why but I was honored she felt so safe around me. It was very humbling and so sweet.

“Thanks again for such a wonderful day Lux. You are the most amazing best friend a girl could ask for.” Shupple said as she cuddled more into me.

“You’re welcome Shupple, however, I am lucky to have you as my best friend too. You are just so beautiful and unique.” I told her yawning. “Good night Shupple.”

“Good night Lux.” She responded.

The amazing day came to an end as we both fell asleep peacefully into the other’s arms.


Sorry Anime I couldn’t do it anymore. Could you please finish? You don’t have to do her side of view if you don’t want too.

Anyway, let me know what you think because I really liked how this turned out. See something perverted turn into something sweet and some really cute moments between Shupple and Lux. And also this is how Lux views people and his theory so I hope everyone can learn from him lol! :D

I thought the song was perfect for SHupple and I prefered the version by Glee because it sounded more like Lux singing!! :)