Goodbye Mansion....Hello Festival....LAST POST MAGGOTS!!!

LMFAO!!! Like the title??? I do >3 Anyway, so this post is closing everything up since now everyone has arrived to the festival...okay they will be at the end of this post but WHATEVER!!! And it's Xio peeps!!! :) That makes it even more of a great ending hehe...*is shot* I tease!!! Anyway enjoy my blasted post with so many different characters....U////U It was a great ride here in this world and excited for the new future of PGR!!! :)

Included: Xio, Nyarth, Moyasu, Hiro, Estelle, Kiki, Rally, Rikku, Aberius, and mentions of Lux, Lydia, Gaia, and Lupe.


The training I accomplished was a work out I needed, not nearly as much as I had wanted but it was enough as the hairball passed out in the water. Tch, such a pain. Regardless, it was getting late and I was irritated enough to say the least, some rest sounded very good to me.

So I picked the kid up and carried him in my arms as our shirts were over my shoulders. He definitely was weak but I can say he improved a bit with his skills but we surely had more to do with him. As I walked through the forest, I felt him cuddle up into my chest. Strange kid that was for sure.

As I continued my way through the forest, I heard the noises of footsteps and wondered what it could be. Surely gjinkas that approached me at this time were either up to no good and with the kid in my arms, things could get a bit messy. But then the smell of two familiar beings came as I saw Hiro and Moyasu running through the bushes and trees. I only watched as they passed in front of me, but Moyasu turned his attention towards me and quickly stopped, so did the Mightyena.

“Yo Moyasu what’s wrong?” Hiro asked as he walked up to Moyasu who was glaring at me. It was actually very humbling to see that look. “Oh hey Xio!”

“What’d you do to Nyarth?” Moyasu demanded rather out of character for him. Wow so in the short time, he actually grew a pair of balls sine then.

I shrugged and smiled at them, “Don’t worry Flareon, he and I were training to improve his skills. He’s only sleeping right now.” I sighed and noticed they had been in rush. “So where are you two off too in this late of the night?”

Hiro explained to me what was going on and filled me in with all the details as Moyasu stood there as Hiro continued. It made sense and I understood, though it was childish and showed signs of weakness, not for Hiro but for the Flareon.

I turned to Moyasu, “So you are joining as well, why?”

He didn’t answer and turned his head to the side as Hiro sighed.

“I see, so you’re running away?” I asked him bluntly. “Hiro’s leaving is understandable but yours, not a good reason Flareon.”

“Y-you don’t understand me a-at all.” He mumbled under his breath.

“I understand you a bit more then you think fleabag.” I spat with a grin. “I can see it in your eyes and from the first time I met you I could see you were weak. This proves it, so you should go Moyasu.”

Hiro stood there and said nothing as Moyasu lifted head. His ears perked up and watched me as I sat down on a rock holding Nyarth in my arms.

“Well this is a pain, listen Moyasu, so you are leaving just because you weren’t planning on staying and you have no friends and that you need to get stronger.” I sighed and looked up at the sky and continued. “I am not sure how long you have been at the mansion, and honestly, I don’t really give a damn either. Nevertheless, if you want to become stronger, that won’t happen the way you are going Flareon.”

He stood there and watched me and finally spoke up again, “W-what do you mean? I don’t understand how that would make me weaker if I stay with Hiro.” He looked down and back up at me. “He is the only one that u-understands me.”

I chuckled, “What is this? Are we butt buddies or something?”

Hiro shook his fist and Moyasu turned beat red. “I’m straight damn it!” Hiro barked.

“Shut it mutt! I really have no intentions of waking this kid up.” I turned to Moyasu once again, “Listen you prude, I don’t care either way if you stay or go but if you want to grow stronger, you need to open yourself up to others. That way you can learn from them and gain your own strengths and become more powerful. Tch, you might even get a few friends along the way too if you’re lucky.”

Hiro looked at Moyasu who was pondering his thoughts, guess I got through to the fleabag of a fox. I yawned and let out a sigh. “Now make your decision because I don’t care what you do. You can either stay weak forever running away from your problems and fears, or you could face them at the mansion and grow.” I got up and walked passed him. I stopped and paused as I looked over my shoulder. “I wonder which one Alice would have picked?”

That probably got him going. I left them both there as I headed back to the mansion, which was within no time. I was heading up the steps as I heard someone call my name, which it turned out to be Estelle. So Meow Mix and I conversed for a little bit and I handed over Nyarth to her and was on my way. Sadly, I agreed to train her, not sure why but hell maybe I could have my way with her since she seemed she might put out for me. Either way, at the moment, all I cared about was sleep.

Shutting the door behind me and locking it, I undid my hair and let my bandana soak in warm water of soup and water as I took a quick shower. I had tossed my clothes on the floor to the side. After that relaxing shower, I put on some long basket ball shorts and poured myself a drink of Captain and Coke. Not a bad mix as my electricity calmed down. I sat in front of the fireplace in my room just thinking about the festival. It probably was running through Lux’s mind as well, because this festival was more or less like the one that took place the day the village was destroyed.

Taking my last gulp, I got into bed and made myself comfortable. I was asleep within no time.

-Festival Day-

My eyes fluttered open as the sunlight beamed through the creases of the shades of my window. With a yawn I turned to my side and scratched my bear chest to check the time. Hmm, it was around 1 in the afternoon. Guess I really was tired from that day yesterday. So much drama, well it was a peaceful sleep at the very least. I actually did crawl out of bed for another 30 minutes, which followed by getting dressed in the new outfit that I bought.

Once it was on, I redid my hair and laid my headband down to dry and looked at myself in the mirror. This new outfit from the beltline up was a bit different for me, actually I felt ridiculous because this was all that damn Gaia approved of. The pants were fine and so were the shoes since it allowed me to move faster and swifter. As for these arm warmer pieces of shit, not sure if I even cared much for them. I liked the chain that hung on my right side from the belt on my pants with the lightning bolt on it, which was a nice tough to the red. As for the jacket, it was comfortable and had the right amount of personality I wanted from it that showed some class but also was badass for my taste.

Sigh. If it wasn’t anything that Kiki liked, I suppose I could just take it back….Whatever, I can deal with it for now just so I can be by her side. I do need her in the furture.

Eventually, after my bandana had dried, I made my way down for a bite to eat. Lucky for me, the scents of people here at the mansion had left. It was rather quiet, which was nice to not worry about the damn rabbit being a loud mouth. She was gone.

After a brief lunch, I went back to my room to fix my hair and such. It was closer to 3:30 in the afternoon when I heard a knock at my door. It was more then likely Kiki and so when I opened the door I smiled at her, “Kiki good evening.”

“Hi…” Kiki said gazing up at me. She was looking me up and down as she blushed. “You look amazing.”

“And you my dear look lovely. That Kimono suits you.” I smiled at her as I tried to touch her face, but she suddenly stepped back to my surprise.

“I need to tell you something important.” Kiki said.

I nodded, “Come in.” I stepped to the side and allowed her to come in. She was looking around in amazement, which didn’t really take me by surprise as I shut the door.

“Wow…this is like a room for a King.” Oh what little does she know.

“Would you like to sit down?” I asked. “You can sit on the couch or the bed?” A little teasing wouldn’t hurt.

Sadly, Kiki glanced at the king sized bed and quickly sat down at the couch. How boring of her. “Aw you’re no fun,” I chuckled as I sat next to her and in a second she was sitting farther away from me, which was strange.

“What’s wrong?” This behavior was not suiting for her and I did not care for it one bit.

Kiki took a deep breath. “I’m sorry but I can’t touch you…” Kiki placed her hands resting on her lap. “Gaia…put a curse on me.”

“What?” I blinked. What did the bitch do to her?

Kiki pushed back the large kimono sleeve to show the white markings on her forearm. She told me what happened yesterday and what Gaia did to her, everything, oddly enough, I felt like she was still leaving something out. Should I care? I don’t know but whatever not like I was going to beat her out of her.

This news was already the fucking mother load of bad news. What the hell was I suppose to do now?

“I’m really sorry Xio this ruined our date.” Kiki said quietly after she finished telling me everything. “I was really looking for to it. Right now I think it’s a bother if we just go on to the festival together since we can’t even hold hands…”

I sat there with my hands within the other as I placed my nose leaning against it as I pondered what she told me. I could hear in her voice she was about to cry as well.

Kiki stood up, “I don’t want bother you so I think it’s better if I go by myself. You go have fun at the festival.” Kiki said with a smile but her voice shook a little in her sorrow. She turned to the door and walked toward it.

“Kiki…” I coldly said. “Just hold on…”

“Huh?” She turned and I got up and walked towards her.

I tucked my hands in my pockets and sighed. “If it has to be that way, I accept it.” I could sense it wasn’t a lie from her waves in her body and I know a liar when I see one, because a takes a good bull shitter to know how to see the bull shit. “I still desire to be with you, even if I can’t hold your blasted hand…gah your sister is something else you know that right.” I muttered rubbing the back of my head and heading to bags.

“I know, she, argh, she is just trying to protect me is all.” She sighed and blinked as I was digging in my bag. “What are you doing?”

I found it within no time and walked over to her, “Close your eyes okay…”

“B-bu-but but but..” She stuttered…

“Trust me okay?” I told her and she nodded as she closed her eyes. I opened the box and put something around her neck without touching her. “It’s on…” I took a step back.

She opened her eyes and looked in the mirror on my dresser and gasped, “OH MY GOSH!!!” She touched the necklace on her neck, it was a pair of ballet slippers that were in her birthstone, a blue sapphire with a silver trim and necklace. I thought it suited her well, which is why I bought it for her. This was actually the first time I bought a gift for a woman. Whatever, because she was so much like Lydia I suppose it was al right.

“It’s so beautiful Xio! Thank you so much!” She twirled around as I watched her. Then she looked down, “I-I wish I could hug you to thank you…”

“Just smile okay? That’s enough for me.”

“I will Xio, t-thank you!” She was holding the slipper necklace in her hand as she blushed.

“I’m glad,” I smiled at her, “I will meet you downstairs with the others alright? In about 30 minutes.”

“Alright see you soon and thank you again!” She said as she ran out the door full of glee.

One she was gone, that fake smile fell to one of disgust and anger. This did not amuse me not one bit. Electricity began to flow threw the room as my anger grew from what this woman had done. Not only was I patient and tolerate of this Gaia, she did this to me? Surely, there was another reason for her motive. Tch that rotten bitch will have my claws in her body sometime today, that I promise.

-30 minutes later-

I walked down the stairs with my hands in my pocket to notice a small group of gijinkas that were getting ready there. I had to assume many had already left which was fine so we were the last group to leave.

Kiki was with Rally down below and Rikku had accompanied them. That was all that was left over.

“So this is everyone that is left huh?” I asked Rally.

“Yup just us three.” He stated and I looked up at Rikku.

I was curious to know if she remembered anything from out fight and it seemed she had heal since I did not see any of my bite marks on her neck. But that’s when she blinked and looked at me with a smile. “Hi Xio!”

Just fake a smile and pretend to be nice, because obviously I don’t think this is going to be that great of a day, actually I think it will be a bore. “Hello Rikku, you look very lovely dear.”

“T-thank you!” She blushed as she walked closer to me, “Umm I know this is going to sound strange, but what happened after we were in the hot tub? I don’t really remember….”

I see, so at the moment she doesn’t recall the fight, I wonder if she is aware of the other side. Tch, whatever I really don’t give a damn it’s her problem not mine. “Oh yeah, you had passed out from shock or something. So I carried you back to Aberius’ room because I saw you hanging around with him. He your boyfriend or something?”

“NO! I mean…well…We are just friends and I am hanging out with him at the festival. I guess he kinda went on without me anyway.” Her eyes looked toward the ground, GREAT, now I have to hear a damn sob sorry the entire way to the festival. This bites, this bites hard in the ass!


“Hmm?” I turned to Kiki.

“We have another joining us before we leave.” She pointed up the steps and there was Moyasu coming down. We all watched him and Kiki and Rikku greeted him with smiles.

As I stood there watching this crap with the hugs and the smiles, Moyasu came over to where I was standing and bowed his head.

“So?” I asked lifting an eyebrow.

“Thank you….you’re right…” He said looking at me.

I chuckled, “Yeah whatever let’s just get the hell out of here already okay….?”

He nodded and Rikku quickly latched on to Moyasu, “Come on no frowning today is a great day so you gotta smile cutie!”

The Flareon nearly fell over from that comment as Rikku, Kiki, Rally and myself laughed. Wait, I was smiling at this…? Why? I don’t even like these people at all. No, it’s nothing like that. They are growing on me, but at the moment, I was content. Yes that’s what it was.

“Alright can we go now?” I asked pushing the door open. “You know I would like to leave today folks….”

“PIGGY BACK RIDE!!!!” Rally jumped on my shoulders. THE HELL KID?!?!

“Haha, we’re coming!” Kiki smiled as Rally began messing my hair up and I tried to get him off of me….

“Fine…just DON’T touch the bandana kid!” Stupid brat, but Kiki was smiling and I can’t have the others wondering why we aren’t holding hands.

Moyasu was the last one out and used his claws to lock the door behind us. We made our way as the other three had conversation with each other and Rally spoke time to time with them. I only carried him on my shoulders and kept quiet for the time being.

To be honest, this day had already started off pretty crappy with Kiki had told me but there where other things on my mind and I bet that damn pussy Lux was probably thinking the same things. Once at the festival those memories came back as I looked around at the vendors and people in their kimonos. I can’t believe it had already been over 15 years since that day, that day the my companions, my family, my servants, and all my wants and needs were destroyed. It was just like a day like today, yes, I remember it well. That fateful day was a festival to celebrate the long standing of our royal families in our village. It symbolized the power that the Shinx, Luxio, and Luxrays had in the electrical standpoint and how we were looked upon for our powers. That day, I was suppose to take the next step in my journey and receive my crown as the next leader. That never happened though, because of them, Team Galactic, and instead, I lost everything that was dear to me.

I can admit I wasn’t so keen on going to this festival and the whole wearing kimonos and such just brought back bad memories so I refused to wear them. I haven’t been to a festival to relax since that day and for some odd reason, my gut feeling was I needed to keep my guard up.

“There’s Abbie!” Rikku shouted pointing at the large stage. I snapped out of my thoughts.

“I’m so excited aren’t you Moyasu?” Kiki cheered twirling around in her kimono.

“I AM I AM!!!” Rally bounced on my shoulders. How annoying.

“Y-y-yes I am!” The fleabag finally mumbled but it was followed by a sincere smile.

I smirked and followed the crew and we left our worries at the mansion to enjoy the festival. That was best right? Yes, I shouldn’t deliberate on old memories. They were dead and the thing of the past. I need to enjoy myself in the present. That’s what the festival was for….


And that’s that! A long and many people in this post which was sort of entertaining. So I decided to leave a few cliff hangers in there for everyone haha! Yup so you guys have to wait till the move. I hope you liked it. Someone else can follow up when we are at the new place. I’m too lazy to do anymore since I had someone get saved….*is shot*

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