Battle frontier

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The dark pyramid loomed above my head, ominous to the eye, yet inquisitive to the brain. The mysteries inside were unknown, the trainer just climbing out-


Trainer? What was a trainer doing here? He was an odd fellow, comb over in the front with a suit reminiscent of the many buffers hounding the tomb, only now dull green. He looked pessimistic, a little dark even. I had the strange feeling I had seen on TV somewhere...
"Yo, pops, you need some help?"
"It'd be a help" A light bass voice anwsered
My Metagross floated over and used it's telekinesis to lift him out and dust him off.
"Nice move"
He looked up from the ground and I caught a look to his eyes, my first guess of dark was at least a little right, though I could see his heart was in the right place. He just seemed a little... out there?
"That a nice metagross there, is he always out like that?"
"HHHmmm, well he has a habit of activating his on pokeball whenever there enough space for him. I thought it was annoying at first, but at least my steelix hasn't picked it up from him.'
He caught my humor and started to chuckle.
"So are you a steel trainer? Not a common type now-a-days. I have one myself"
I smiled, "I'm a rather a bit of a mix of whatever fits in the ball park."
He laughed, "You have to be good to raise all those different types at an even pace. Here, there’s a need for a few good trainer like you."
He handed me a card and started to walk off. I watched him go.
"Hey Pops, I didn't catch your name!"
"Brandon, Pyramid King Brandon."
I looked at the card.
You have been invited to the Battle Frontier

This Title Begins the Shortest Story I've Written.

Armenia observed the girl and the Celebi, the Celebi that could have shown Armenia what it wanted to show her, disappear into thin air with a slight pop. She scowled and sat down on the forest floor to wait. As she did, she wondered if Celebi would even come back. Probably not. Armenia usually didn't have the best of luck.

She thought she heard sounds of other people in the forest, but she wasn't sure. The only thing she could do was wait.

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riding through a empty forest (lazy me riding on meatgross). I was worrying about the aprent lack of trainers. There was no in sight and form what I could get out of meatgross, no one in minds lenght ethier. Speaking of meatgross he was rather silent now, whats up buddy? No respones, now I was really worryed. After a long time in the forest I noticed that to my horror meatgross was rusting. The rust then disappeared as meatgross saw that I noticed.
"What is up, meatgross, you never rust and how is it going so quickly!!!"
Then a sudden stop and I was flung to the ground infront of a girl, who wasn't there 3 minute ago. She was talking to thin air, for all I could see.
"You look like someone with a explainaion, whats up?" I said.

Things of Princes and Pokemon (Part 1)

(Lol, pwnege title~ ^ w ^)
I fell to the ground "Ye-ouch!" I screemed, only to have Giga fall right on top of me. Gardevoir sure are heavy... "Ack! Adilvice-chan! Are you alright?" I nodded, and Celebi-kamisama floated down. I glanced around, only to see a broken pocket watch on the ground. "Celebi-kamisama, what's this?" I asked the shaken Pokemon "It's a special pocket watch I use in emergencies, or when time is for some reason unstable. This is bad...Dialga-san, the other ruler of time, is for some reason unable to control it's half of time...I had to use the Watch...but now it's broken...and we're trapped in a different time than the one we wanted!" I gasped. What did this mean? How could this happen? Why? And most importantly...


There are moments

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Never trust a Delibird...ever!
You might just end up in my situation, tied to a driftblim floating aimlessly for what looks to be a long time.
"hey you, The one on the driftblim! You a trainer?" said random trainer whose first name is probably lad or cool trainer or something like that.
"Yes, but i can't reach my pokeballs now so you must excuse me".
"Hah! like I'd let that stop me from beating you!" said the annoying cool trainer.
"fine, you asked for it, MEATGROSS, GO."
Rusting out ( Hah, Steel pokemon pun!) my Metagross metal clawed me down.
"So punk, one on one or two on two?"
"Two" and he threw out a graveler(shit!) and a charmander (double shit!)
I threw out Whiscash(You have no idea how long i sat at a bank with a fishing pole for that'un ) and yelled "Aqua tail! and Confusion"
Fifteen minutes later i was 1000$ richer and heading to my 5th gem.
well that my start here my profile

Name: Big Joe

Gender: male

Age: 15

Personality: cool and fast. can give you a warm smile and then a cold glare. loves some fun and some sleep.

Looks: Long hair, Blue eyes, four pack, little over 6 feet tall.

Clothes: big leather jacket with no under shirt and blue jeans wears a sun stone around his neck.

Likes: Sleep, imposable pokemon goals (he wants to catch Darkrai) the company of cute girls.

Dislikes: arrogant Cool Trainers, Prissy Lady's, and and black belts.

Fave saying: "and stay in the trash, i looks good on you"

Pokemon: Meatgross (Metagross) Shaky (Whiscash) Headhard (onix) Steelhead (Lairon) Run!!! (Gyarados ( Goes on rampage when released) theotherone (Grovyle) and countless stored pokemon (really, who doesn't?)