Underground...AWAY!!! XD

Adilvice was estatic "I've got my own 50! I'll go get a Kit right now!" She did just that, and came back. "Wait...What's a Super Shot Tunnel?" Adilvice shrugged, and waited for her chance to go into the underground, and get her chance for something to sell so that she, her sisters, and the two cousins they lived with could have a better life...

So, uh...yeah. XD Adilvice has two sisters, and the 3 of them r triplets~ X3 They live with thiere cousins, one of them blind. The reason 4 this is because they're orphans. ((So r the cousins. They all take care of each other~ > w <)) Adilvice, being the 2nd oldest,(the blind 1's the oldest~ Her name is Kairi~) fells like she has 2 be the most responsible~ XD