AIR!!!!!! TT w TT

Adilvice nodded, and they went back up to the surface. She saw someone chasing after a pokemon...was it Celebi?! "Sorry, I just remembered something important!" She ran off. If that was Celebi, then mabey... "Mabey I can go into the past and find my parents!" Adilvice thought. She, Giga, and Solaris ducked in a bush. Celebi was a bout to pass them! Giga popped out and used one of her custum-moves, Crytstal Rein, to create shower of crystals over the pokemon. Celebi, not wantig to get hurt, bumped into Adilvice, who hugged it tightly "Gatcha! Now don't worry, I'm only here to ask for your help..."

((Well? I told u I'd help!))