I bet a lot of people LOVE Pokemon, the games, shows, characters, whatever. Some of you have seen it, think of it as 'Meh, I've seen better things' like i have.
Have you guys heard of Pokemon Creepypasta's though?

Creepypasta-is the web definition for short stories designed to unnerve, disturb, elicit a negative emotional response from, and scare the reader.
So imagine the cute and cuddly Pokemon dying and screaming, really. Dying. You can't revive them, you lose that Pokemon forever.
Or about you finding an old version of one of the games at a thrift store, and the Pokemon GHOST is suddenly able to catch and use to fight? Making your character really kill Pokemon and their owners?
So here at my Pokemon CreepyPastas WORLD, I am going to find all of the Pokemon CreepyPastas I can and put them up on here. And yes, All I run into. Some my be bad, as in not scary and not written well. And others may just freak you out, like some did for me.
If the story comes with a picture, I will post the picture with it. If the story comes with a video, I will defiantly post the video with it also.
*Now I can't find every Pokemon CreepyPasta ever made, so if some of you notice that one you read isn't on here, feel free to PM me and tell me the story, and I will tell you if I was looking for it and read it, or if I haven't even heard of it!*

**Fun to listen to add a creepy vibe.It's not the original Lavender Town, just a mix someone did making the themes from R/B reversed and R/B/Y playing normally at the same time...I may have that backwards...**

I will be giving my opinion about the Pokemon CreepyPastas, mainly about How creepy they are, but mostly how interesting they are to me.
I will 'grade' them with a star system, using *'s for stars.I believe five of them will be the most, me thinking they were very good, and zero of them being to where I didn't like it at all because it just seemed plain stupid to me.

Hope you enjoy

Trading (My Issue)

Guys, I am totally freaking out. Something happened last night. I don't know if I can continue with it or not but this isn't even funny! But, don't worry, unlike some of the fake creepypasta or "real", this was totally easy to shut off. And it shook me up a bit, but I don't fear for my life... at least I don't think I should...

You know how I wanted to write a good creepypasta based on my writing skills and imagination. I scrapped that for a while, but after what went on last night, I need to write it down and tell you guys. This CAN'T happen in a game and I'm scared and confused.

I decided to restart my Platinum game to start on a new storyline (since I never finished and didn't think I would at the rate I was going on). So I caught a few Rattattas on my SoulSilver, got some of my copy pokemon I caught (Pidgey, Nidoran female, and 3 Volbeat) so I could bring my team over. I didn't want to just erase my team, even if the game would internally forget that I was the trainer that raised them and cared for them and was just bringing them over to where I was strongest. I didn't want to lose my Torterra (my little Turtwig that I raised), Luxray (my female lioness that was loyal when it came to whenever she was confused), Umbreon (my male Eevee that I had trained and gotten to love me), Houndoom (who despite joking around about killing me in my platinum game did really love and care about me).

Let me pause at that statement though. Yes, my Houndoom DID threaten to kill me in my Platinum game, but that's just a part of Dr. Footstep's dialogue. Due to the fact Houndooms are different from any other pokemon and are more hard to get to like you or obey you, they have more of a darker dialogue to them. On my last visit to Dr. Footstep I got quoted, "They are a peculiar human that was strong and different from the others, sometimes to the point where I would like to pounce at and bite at their throat... Haha, just kidding. But I do find them to be a remarkable partner that can bring out the best of me." It was literally something around those lines or exactly that. After I read that, I thought Houndoom might've still hated me, but I got a ribbon from Dr. Footstep like all my other pokemon had. Hold on, maybe I can pull up the actual quote before I go any further... Here it is "That Cate is the most impressive of humans. It takes a lot to make me, HOUNDOOM, sunny and cheerful! As a show of affection, I should chomp down on the Trainer’s neck... Hahaha... Have no fear... I was merely joking..." so it's kinda close to what I had said. But yeah, I would occasionally get threats of chomping down on my neck from that Houndoom from when I caught him as a Houndour and he evolved when I went to Dr. Footstep... Apparently that's not supposed to happen either according to [this]

Anyway, moving on... I also didn't want to lose Gardevoir or Lucario either. They had the most accuracy when it came to attacks and I saw them both as my guardians. As I traded them over though, I told them through the mic "Don't worry, you'll see me again on the other side where you're going...". After the trade, the only ones that I talked to at the time were my Luxray (who was happy to walk around with me) and Lucario who just had a (...) bubble and said "Lucario is looking around restlessly for something."

After reading that, for some odd reason a chill went up my spine and I felt a little nervous (due to the fact I was also going to get back my Floatzel, Giratina, Electabuzz, Scyther (who evolved into Scizor), and Dusclops (who evolved into Dusknoir)) and switched them all out for the extra pokemon except my Lucario to feel safe. I talked to my Lucario again and it just said, after Lucario uttered its cry "Lucario yawned loudly". I was releaved when I talked to Lucario again and it said the same thing. I traded the pokemon and left, shutting off my other DS and talked to Lucario again. "Woah! Lucario suddenly hugged you" "Lucario shuddered" "Lucario looked around the room restlessly" "Lucario growled" "Lucario wants to protect you!". I talked to Lucario all those times and he almost acted as if we were within Mount Silver even though we were in Viridian City. I figured it was probably because he was with an unfamiliar trainer and unfamiliar surroundings and due to the programming. Though the last one puzzled me a bit because I had never seen that reaction, even when I was on Mount Silver.

After all of that, I switched out the others and put my original pokemon team back into my party with Lava, my Typlosion, in the front. After talking to him, I left the building to find myself no longer int Viridian City but apparently teleported to the route before Union Cave at the Pokemon Center. I took a couple steps away from the center and noticed no pokemon was following me and three growls roared out. One was a Typlosion, one was a Charizard, and another was a Blaziken.

I thought that was strange so I checked my party pokemon... AND THEY WERE ALL GONE! They all changed into two Delibirds, a Vulpix, a Sudowoodo, a shiny Growlithe, and a Tentacool. I looked at their natures and they were all timid with normal stats for their levels (which were 3-10) and the moves they had were all HM moves. Despite knowing I didn't have pokemon like this in my party, I went into the Pokemon Center and checked the PC. The background was white and had black pixels that looked like pitfall holes. All of my pokemon were also black and white and some of them were missing! My Houndoom, my Typhlosion, Blaziken, Charizard. Those three were the only ones missing other than the rest of my party. I moved my stylus onto my Ghastly and it was noted as a FAINTED pokemon. As was the rest of them.

At that point I shut off my game because I didn't want to save this over. I have NEVER glitched a game in my life or HACKED one for that matter. NEVER CHEATED other than trading Pokemon with myself (which isn't messing with the coding at all). Then I turned the game back on to find myself where it was saved (at the trading station) and I swapped out all of my pokemon again except my menacing Kingdra, Serena, and kept Lucario to give me comfort.

I left the center again and was teleported at the same spot like it was a special hidden event. This time I went towards the center. As I almost entered the center doors though, I heard the pokemon growls again. I checked my party and everyone except Lava was there this time. Once I entered the center, I saw three backwards Ghastly sprites leading my Houndoom up a chamber chute. They had the screen on them, but then it went back to me as if it was a screen shot. I ran up to the Ghastly near my Houndoom and a "!" appeared above its head. It turned to face me and a battle took place after its cry was uttered and I was battling a Lv 48 Ghastly that had a Charizard roar. The first pokemon that appeared was Sparky, who was in my PC at the time, he was my Pikachu that I traded over with Charizard on FireRed. Within the battle, as I used Thunderbolt it hit Ghastly as if it was Charizard's Fire/Flying type. And due to the fact Sparky was a LV 52 he took the Ghastly down in three hits despite being in the red zone. The battle leveled up Sparky to LV 53 in addition.

Once the battle was over, the Ghastly started flashing and turned back into my Charizard and disappeared, leaving the text box: "Ghastly was revealed to be Charizard! Charizard came back to you! Charizard was transferred to the PC Box FireRed" After that battle, another Ghastly had a "!" above its head and moved in front of Houndoom's sprite, uttered out a cry and I was put into another battle. I was put against a LV 78 Ghastly with a Blaziken cry. The pokemon that I threw out was my LV 86 Rayquaza, who was also in my PC. I wondered at this time if there was a pattern. Maybe I had to have a strong enough pokemon from that game that my original pokemon was in to defeat the Ghastly and get your pokemon back. But as I thought about that and beat the Ghastly with Rayquaza's 1 Fly attack. It dawned on me that the last Ghastly was my LV 100 Typhlosion, Lava! None of my other pokemon had the level or power he did!

"Ghastly was revealed to be Blaziken! Blaziken came back to you! Blaziken was transferred to the PC Box Emerald!" Finally, as I expected the last Ghastly had a "!" above its head, but as it tried to come in front of me, a Houndoom howl cried. The Ghastly stopped and both of the sprites had a "!" above their heads. Houndoom jumped from the chute, clearly free, and looked at my character "Houndoom wants to protect you!". Houndoom then faced the Ghastly and a Houndoom howl came out before coming into the battle.

I was facing a LV 100 Ghastly with a pained (as the cry echos when fainting) Typhlosion cry and instead of seeing my sprite alone at first, I just saw my Houndoom sound out a cry again. He was LV 44 when I transferred him over but now he was LV 100 too. He had his moves I gave him: Sludge Bomb, Thunder Fang, Flamethrower, and Faint Attack. I clicked Thunder Fang and Houndoom went first, cutting off half of Lava's health. But, as I feared, Lava used Earthquake and KO'd Houndoom in one hit. Houndoom's cry came out again but the text box said, instead of "Houndoom fainted!": "Houndoom doesn't WANT to faint! Houndoom will fight for Cate!"

Once that text box came up, Houndoom howled again and his HP was restored to full! I told Houndoom to use Thunder Fang once more and Ghastly was defeated. "Ghastly was revealed to be Lava! Lava came back to you! Lava was put into your party! Houndoom was transferred to the PC Box TEAMS <3"

The screen flashed black twice and I was coming out of the Union Room like I had just traded again. As I went to Nurse Joy though, Typhlosion was behind me instead of the traded pokemon. I ended up freaking because I hoped I didn't lose them. I checked my boxes and a new on called "TEAMS <3" was there. I looked into the box and found my Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, and Platinum. All at the levels I traded them over at, even Houndoom who seemed to howl happier at me when I checked through his sprite. As I exited the PC Box, I talked to Lava. "Lava yawned loudly" "Lava feels like he was just in a dream...". I talked to the nurse and healed. Afterwards I saved. I was glad that my game is hopefully back to normal despite the creepiness I got from it. I was kinda glad to get something from it though. My Houndoom called my sprite Cate, but the name I put down for her was Kei.

If I can find that in the game again, I think it would be really cool despite how creepy and odd it was to me.


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