This is a world that will be dedicated to the creation of Pokemon art pieces for a 365 day challenge issued by MintIceCream. If there any pieces you would like to see in particular feel free to send me a PM. If you would like to start your own world dedicated to the 365 day challenge feel free to do so :D

Some other participants are:
fuko chan
And that is all I know, but if you are doing it and want it posted here send me the link :D


Alright everyone!
Today we are getting a new camera <3 Mind you I have to pay for it... But oh well...
So my photos that were on the SD card in the other camera were kind of erased or something... they disappeared xD
So I'll have to redo everything xD
Well most things anyway... so... I'll be catching up slowly xD
So see you tomorrow~! Or later today~!


Sorry guys! I know you have been waiting so patiently for me to upload some photos... but unfortunately we are having computer/camera issues... I'm not sure which is the thing being annoying xD But when the weekend comes get ready for some quick updates! All for now!

Day 3 Paper Pikachu Face

So today's prompt was to do something with paper without glue or colouring it, and I tried doing origami but failed miserably so with my torn square I made this Pikachu face

I really tried, for a long time... but I got way to frustrated. I apologize xD
But It's done! Now I'm off to bed!
See you tomorrow!

Day 2 Fav Animal

So the day 2 prompt of the challenge was having something to do with our favourite animal, and I had to choose the Tiger...
So what's the most tiger like Pokemon? I thought Arcanine would be a good candidate... So I tried to fix his dog form into a cat one... but failed... and I tried making him more tigerlike... but failed too. But I had fun so I don't care.
See for youself:

I'm going to practice some more Arcanine before I try redrawing him as something else xD
Anyways that's it for Day 2! See you tomorrow~!

Day 1 Pocket Pokeballs

Alright folks, I present you my creation for Day 1, something that I like to call Pocket Pokeballs.

If you too would like to know how to make them PM me!
And I must say this is very very easy, that even I could do it with a migraine in the dark :D
Now, this computer screen is far too bright even on the lowest setting, so I will see you tomorrow with another new creation!