Sorry it's been so long everybody! But to get me back on track, how about this?
For every comment that I get on this post, I will do one cute Pokemon thing of some description with the materials I have at my disposal?
Or if you have any suggestions for things let me know~!
Love you all~!
The first piece will be dedicated to itachisasuke :)
Second piece to nimbusoak~!
Third to animegirl171!
Fourth: Pleiades Rising!
Fifth: littlepooch
Sixth: chibi-anna-chan
Seventh: DeathSeraph
Eighth: mirahsan2
Ninth: LightFykki
This will commence after my midterm on the 12th :) Or attempt to... However that weekend I will be traveling so I shall do my best to upload if possible :) Love you all! Glad there is still interest in this world!