First year of High School [EdxWinry]

[A/N] Alright so I realize that Winry is actually the same age as Al but I changed that in this story. Also, I'm not even in high school yet so sorry if some things in this story are a bit out of line. Other then that I hope you enjoy!


Chapter 1: Arrival

My name is Winry Rockbell. I’m fifteen and just started my first year at high school. My childhood friend, Edward came with me being as we’re the same age and live right next to each other, but his younger broth Alphonse is still in middle school. Meaning, for the first day at least, it was just going to be me and Edward, alone. And that’s what scared me most about going to Amestris High. I wasn’t afraid of going to a huge place, or going somewhere with a lot more people then what I was used to. No, I was afraid of being alone, with the one person I had a huge crush on.

I woke up early the first morning, and took a long shower, playing out what might happen that day in my head. The warm water beat down on my back in a soothing rhythm, allowing my mind to wonder peacefully. Maybe everything would turn out ok. Ed and I would just talk and hang out like normal friends and I wouldn’t do anything awkward or stupid in front of him to totally embarrass myself. Or maybe he would get the hint, or maybe I would say a little bit too much, and he would be disgusted that I thought of him that way. I was so used to having his little brother Al around that being alone with Ed made me worried.

Once the hot water was gone, I got out of the shower, put on the high school uniform, then went downstairs to get some breakfast. As usual, my grandma had breakfast all laid out for me on the table and was now watching the news on TV. I’d been living with Grandma since I was about 5, when my parents both died in a horrible plane wreck. They were doctors and were coming home from America on a business trip when their plane got caught in a storm. After that, my grandma took me in, and I’ve been living with her ever since.
I sat down and began to eat my breakfast, which consisted of two over-easy eggs, three strips of bacon, a grapefruit, and a glass of milk. I had nearly finished when Grandma walked over.
“Well, was that a satisfying breakfast Winry?” she asked me. I nodded, my mouth still full of egg. She chuckled then fondly started playing with my hair.
“Good luck with your first day of big bad high school Winry. Don’t let anyone pick on you, you hear? If anyone does I’m sure Edward will handle them but just in case you can always come to me ok?” she continued.
“Ya, ya, I can handle myself you know. I don’t need Ed to take care of anything! I’m sure everything will be just fine Grandma.” I replied. I took my last drink of milk then stood up and put my dishes in the sink.
“I’m off to go to my hair and stuff ok? Can you tell me when it’s 7:00? The bus arrives at 7:10.” I asked as I headed up the stairs, back up to my room and the bathroom.

“Of course dear, go make your self cute for Edward.” She chuckled. At this I tripped on a stair and nearly fell all the way back down the stair case.
“Grandma!” I whined at her. She just giggled and went back to watching the news. I took a big, exasperated breath then ran up into the bathroom. I brushed my teeth, washed my face, and then pulled my long blond hair up into a ponytail, leaving locks of hair hanging free on both sides, framing my face. This was my usual hairstyle that I wore nearly every day for no real reason. I just liked the way it looked and was the cutest look for my hair in my opinion. I sighed as I straightened out my bangs then looked at myself in the mirror. Something seemed to be missing. Oh yeah, I was so tired I had forgotten to put I my earrings. I quickly grabbed my earrings and put them in, just in time to hear Grandma yelling for me. I ran to my room, grabbed my school bag, and then headed down the stairs.

“Come hear and give me a hug before you go.” Grandma said, holding her arms out to me. I smiled and hugged her.
“Wish me luck.” I sighed as I let go and grabbed for my coat.
“Good luck Winry and have fun. I want to hear all about it when you get home!” she called after me as I headed out the door. I waved then closed the door behind me. The morning air was warm, colored leaves swirling in the autumn breeze. I took a deep breath, smelling the air. It was so calming I nearly had a heart attack when a voice sounded off next to me.
“Nice morning isn’t it?”

I looked over to see Edward Elric standing there in his uniform, a light black jacket on over top. His long, golden hair was pulled back in a braid like usual, his bangs fluttering in the wind. His beautiful gold eyes looked up at me innocently as he waited for me to reply.

“Uh, yeah it is. I love this time of year.” I agreed clumsily.
“Well let’s go. Don’t wanna miss the bus on the first day.” He chuckled as he walked off. I followed, noticing the elevated boots Ed was wearing, obviously meant to make him taller.
“Nice boots Ed.” I poked, teasing him as usual. He turned his head and looked at me, suspicion in his eyes.
“Ya I liked ‘em. Why?” he said casually.
“So how tall do they make you overall, five foot?” I asked, knowing that was totally pushing it.
“What was that you mechanic freak?!” He mused. I had hit it right on.

“You wanna start something?!?”
“Hey I was just wondering!” I said innocently, holding in the urge to laugh. Edward was only about 4’11” even though he was fifteen years old. He had always been short for his age and he hated it. So naturally he was super touchy about any comments on his height.
“You know if you would just drink you milk you might not need those things.” I sighed.

Just then the bus pulled up and I ran to it, leaving Ed and his objections. I hoped on, followed by Edward and we both sat down in a seat. [I got window. Hehe] We were the first on the bus so it was dead silent for the first few minutes. Eventually though, more and more people began to get on until the bus was bustling with activity. The people who sat in front of us looked about a year older. One was a rather good looking black haired guy, and the other an also not to bad looking guy with brown hair. Suddenly both guys turned around and looked at me warmly.

“Hey there, you knew here?” the brown haired one asked. I nodded and slightly nudged Edward, who wasn’t paying attention because he was listening to his Ipod. He looked up and pulled out one of his headphones.
“I’m Jean Havoc. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” The guy continued, holding out his hand.
“Ya, I’m Winry Rockbell.” I said as I shook his hand.
“I’m Roy Mustang,” the other guy said. We shook hands also and he flashed me a hypnotizing smile. “It’s great to meet you Winry. If you need a tour of the school I’m your guide.” He said. Was it just me, or was this guy trying to flirt with me?

“Uh thanks. Me and Ed might need someone to show us around.” I said nodding towards Edward. Ed said nothing but waved at Roy, obviously paying more attention to his music then the conversation. Roy looked over at Edward then back at me.
“Sure, the shrimp can come too I suppose.” He said nonchalantly. At that Ed ripped out his other headphone and sat up at the edge of the seat.

“You got a problem with me buddy?!” he growled angrily. Roy hardly glanced at Ed before speaking to me.
“So who do you have for homeroom?”
“I was talking to you!” Ed snapped. Roy leaned up against the window and looked at Ed.
“What do you want pipsqueak?” he asked lazily.
“Come on Roy, leave the kid alone.” A girl sitting across from us sighed. I looked over at the girl curiously as she easily talked to the hottie as if it was nothing.

“Stop eavesdropping Riza, it’s annoying.” Roy complained.
“Then you stop flirting with every girl you see and stop teasing people who are new.” Riza ordered. Her voice was smooth, cool, and strong. I could tell she was definitely not a girl who got pushed around easily. Roy rolled his eyes and faced the front of the bus, so his back was now to us. Havoc turned around also and Riza leaned over to us.
“Sorry about him. He’s nothing more then a flirty hot shot. Just ignore him alright.” She said, her voice suddenly much softer.
“Right thanks.” Edward nodded. “I’ll do that.”
“So you’re Riza then?” I asked.
“That’s right. My name is Riza Hawkeye. And you’re Winry and Edward, correct?” We both nodded.
“Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you both.” She smiled warmly.

The rest of the bus ride I stared out the window, my mind drifting off, thinking about nothing in particular. When we finally arrived, we slowly made our way out of the crowed bus and found ourselves in front of our new school, Amestris High.

“Wow lucky us! We got the same homeroom Winry!” Ed chuckled as we walked down the hall, both holding our schedules.
“Ya, what were the odds of that?” I replied. “Ugh man I have Gym right after though! Why do I have to have it in the morning when I’m still tiered?!?” I complained, studying my schedule.
“Hehe, that’s just your luck Winry! I have math. Not to bad.” Ed teased. I gave him the best death glare I could muster up but he just laughed. We reached our homeroom and walked through the door. Everyone was still talking and standing around, waiting for the teacher to arrive. I quickly scanned the room to make sure that Mustang guy wasn’t in my homeroom. Luckily I didn’t see him.
“Let’s go sit down” Ed said as he motioned towards two vacant desks in the back of the room. I nodded and followed as he walked over and sat down. I sat next to him and sighed.
“Well, here we are; big bad high school!” I giggled as I said my grandma’s name for the place.

“Yup, we’re alive so far but the day has only begun.” Ed laughed as he leaned back in his chair. I just looked at him as he leaned his head back, looking at the ceiling, and propped his feet up on the desk. Boy did he look nervous about it being the first day. [NOT] But then, Ed didn’t get nervous. Well not unless he fell asleep through a class then found out we’re gunna have a test the next day. Then he would go running to me or anyone else to copy their notes. But other then that he was a relaxed, easy going guy who you could really look up to.

“Something up?” Ed asked as he looked over and noticed I was looking at him. My eyes widened and I could feel my cheeks begin to grow warm. I quickly looked down at my lap to hide the fact that I was most likely blushing and to avoid eye contact.
“No nothing, sorry.” I replied. I could feel his eyes on me and I slowly looked up at him. I made the mistake of looking directly at his eyes and my mind went completely blank.
“What, you nervous?” he asked. My mouth opened but no sound came out. Just then the teacher, a rather scrawny man who looked to be in his mid forties, walked in and the room grew silent. I immediately turned to the front, leaving Edward’s entrancing eyes behind. Saved. God I already almost lost it! I thought to myself. I’m so hopeless; I’m surprised he hasn’t found out yet.
“Hello everyone, and welcome to another wonderful year of school! My name is Mr. Kiamura. I want to welcome you all to Amestris High.”

Bla, bla, bla. As the teacher was talking my mind was wandering. I just couldn’t concentrate. Before I knew it, it was time to go to the next class. The bell rang, making me jump, and everyone got up and out of their seats in a flurry. I blinked then stood up out of my seat.
“Wow that guy talks a lot.” Ed moaned as he stood up. “Let’s just hope the history teacher isn’t that boring. If so then I’m doomed. I’ll never stay awake!” I nodded in agreement and headed for the door.
“Well, it’s time for me to go do exercise before 9:00 A.M! Wish me luck!” I said in sarcastic joy.
“Ha, have fun Winry, I’m off to go do math.” Ed chuckled, clearly wanting to rub it in. I rolled my eyes at him and smacked his shoulder. We waved goodbye and went our separate ways leaving me to go to gym.

As I suspected, gym was torturous. Then again, I had never been a fan of being forced to do stupid exercises. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a lazy, out of shape girl by any means, but the stuff you do in gym seems like torture no matter how you look at it. It didn’t help that we had to wear highly unattractive and uncomfortable gym uniforms.

Finally, the bell rang and I was free. I quickly changed out then headed for my next class, chemistry. Crap. This year I wouldn’t have Ed to help me with science! Ok well actually I cheated off his papers most of the time. He was a natural science wiz while I was less then average, so naturally I did what was the smart thing. I looked at the wiz’s paper. Al always scolded me for it though. He was always such a goody-goody about stuff like that. He would always warn me,

“You know one of these days the teacher's gunna catch you guys. Then you’ll be in a world of trouble.” That never stopped us though. In exchange for him helping me with science, I always helped him with history, which he always fell asleep through. Well, good for him we had history together this year. Lucky him.

I made it in to the classroom and sat down next to a girl with short brown hair and somewhat dorky glasses, who was sitting alone in the back. She looked up and smiled at me as I sat down next to her, her emerald green eyes bright behind the thick lenses of her glasses.

“Hi there,” she whispered. I nodded and said hi back when I noticed Roy sitting a table away from me, looking at me. Crap, I really didn’t want to deal with him again. I turned to the girl and decided I would try and make conversation.

“Hi, I’m Winry.” I greeted as I held out my hand. She took my hand and shook it slightly.
“Hey, I’m Sciezka.” She replied. I racked my brain for something to talk about but I could feel Roy’s eyes burning into me. I quickly looked over at him and wished I hadn’t. We made eye contact and he flashed another one of those dazzling smiles at me. He looked like he was about to get up, but just then the teacher walked in. I sighed in relief and slumped down on the table.

Most of the class was spent discussing how things were going to work in the class such things like that. It seemed to take for ever, and Roy kept glancing at me the whole time. Finally class was over and I headed out the door.
“Hey Winry!” Mustang called as I walked down the hall. I continued walking, speeding up slightly, pretending not to hear him. Apparently he gave up because he didn’t call again and I made it to my metal shop class in peace.

Again, class went by without much event and then it was finally time for lunch. I stood at my locker putting everything away when somebody leaned over to me.
“Hey there.” I looked over and there stood Roy Mustang, an innocent grin on his face.
“Can I help you?” I asked, forcing my voice to stay calm. I closed my locker then turned to face him.
“I just wanted to talk that’s all. I tried to get you after chemistry but I guess you didn’t hear me.” he replied calmly.
“Hmm, I guess not. So what do you need?” I said nonchalantly. His smile grew bigger and he straightened up.
“I was just wondering if you wanted to sit with me at lunch so we could maybe get to know each other. Then if you wanted we hang out sometime outside of school.” he suggested.
“That jerk! He’s hitting on me big time and he hardly even knows me!”

I bit my lip and forced myself to stay clam. I opened my mouth to say something but just then Edward walked up.
“Hey Winry, what’s up?” he asked as he stopped right in front of me and grinned. I could see Roy eyeing Ed in frustration but he said nothing.
“Hey Ed, how was the first half of your day?” I asked, doing my best to ignore the frustrated Mustang next to me. Ed shrugged.
“Eh, it was ok. Mostly just a bunch of teacher talking. But it’s the first day so it’s to be expected I guess.” I nodded then turned to Roy.
“We’ll talk later ok?” I told him. I then grabbed Ed by the arm and started down the hall.
“Lets get to lunch, I’m starved!” I sighed. Ed glanced back at the annoyed Mustang then looked forward.

“Was he bugging you again?” Ed whispered. I let go of him arm and looked back at him. His eyes were deep with concern but the rest of his features were mutual. I shrugged.
“Nah, nothing I can’t handle.” I lied. “He was just flirting a little. No worries.”
Ed scoffed. “Guys like that get so annoying. They think any girl is fair game.”

I had nothing to say to this so I kept quiet and kept walking. Edward sighed and scratched the back of his head.
“So after lunch we have history together huh?” he said, changing the subject.
“Yup, just try not to fall asleep on the first day ok Ed?” I chuckled. He grinned mischievously at me.
“Who me? Fall asleep? You’re crazy. I think your ponytail’s to tight Winry.” He accused.

I rolled my eyes and shoved him, causing him to stumble a little. I giggled, and then let out a slight yelp as he shoved me in return. I was about to get him back when a voice sounded off behind us.
“Now now you two, no shoving in the hallways.”
We both turned around to see Riza walking behind us, grinning.

“Hey there Riza” Ed greeted. Riza nodded as she caught up with us.
“How’s your day going you two?” she asked.
“Pretty good I guess.” Ed shrugged.
“Same here,” I agreed.
“Don’t worry; things will get a lot better. The first day is usually a bit dull. So, you off to lunch?”
“You bet. I’m starved!” I nodded. She chuckled.
“If there’s one thing this school has, its good lunches.” She said.

We made it into the crowded lunchroom and headed to the line. Once we had got our lunches, Riza lead us to a table and sat down. Also at the table were a boy with black cropped hair and round glasses, a rather chubby boy with reddish hair, and a tall skinny guy with his hair obviously dyed silver. Also sitting there was Jean Havoc.

“Hey there Riza,” the black haired on said.
“Hello Fuery.” She nodded.
“Hey where’s Roy at?” asked the pudgy one.
“He’ll be here.” Riza said.
“Hey, if it isn’t the two new Freshies!” Havoc exclaimed, seeing Ed and me. Suddenly all attention was on us. I felt a little embarrassed, but Ed just sat down casually. I quickly sat down next to him and looked around at all the guys.
“Hey there” the one name Fuery greeted.
“Hi,” I replied quietly.

“Ed, Winry, this is Fuery. The silver haired guy is Falman, you already know Havoc, and the guy next to him is Breda.” Riza introduced. We all said our hello’s then dug into our lunch. The guys all launched into various conversation, Riza included, leaving me and Ed to talk. But honestly, I was ok with that.

“So, how was gym eh? Get your exercise?” Ed teased. I rolled my eyes at him.
“Ya I did, sadly enough. And the gym outfits are horrible! Ugh, it’s like they purposefully made them uncomfortable! And ugly.” I whined.
“Who cares if their ugly, it’s just for one period.” Ed replied. Guy’s; they just don’t understand.
“Just wait till you have to wear them! You’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.”

“Whatever,” he sighed, then shoved the last bit of his sandwich in his mouth.