More Clay Crafts

Tried to make a few dessert stuffs out of the polymer clay. Items show below are 6 lollipops, 2 donuts, 1 cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows, 5 pies (2 lemon meringue, 1 cherry, 1 blueberry, 1 pumpkin), and 2 cupcakes.

My favorites are the pies, which finally put my large collection of bottle caps to good use. I plan to turn them into magnets as soon as I can buy those circular ones. Also like the hot chocolate because I used a small porcelain cup from some old tea set that I have no idea where the pieces are.

Least favorite are the lollipops, which I made first. Also, the pumpkin pie cracked a little bit.

Here they are:

Did somebody say "chocolate"?

No...? Well, every year my grandma makes chocolate heart lolipops for Valentine's Day, and I wanted to give it a go. Though when we went to Michael's I saw this cool rose mold and thought it would be cool. Bought red, green and white chocolate to make them, but I only used the green and red.

It was somewhat time consuming because I had to paint on the leaves before pouring the red and I didn't have a brush, besides the last batch. I used a small spoon and knife.

Also, for the Super Bowl, I dipped strawberries in chocolate. They tasted awesome and I would have eaten all of them if I could. ~Self-Control~

The candy canes are from Christmas, but I forgot to put it up. My sister and her friends made the dough and they must have done something wrong, 'cuz it kept falling apart. They tasted awesome as well, though.

Here are the results:

Sewing Binge and Clay Seafood

I haven't been very active lately and I also haven't been able to draw much of anything... So, I've tried to do some other artistic-ish things. Not very good at sewing or sculpting, but I tried both. Here they are:

Watching Durarara

It's holiday break, which means I have time to watch new anime!! (Since drawing isn't working out too well)

Nia, Dayna and I agreed to watch Princess Jellyfish and so far I'm only on episode two. It involves a bunch of otaku girls and a tranny. It's pretty interesting but only has eleven episodes, so I'm taking my time.

I watched one episode of Star Driver, but I don't know if I wanna continue it.

The one I'm starting to really get into is Durarara. I tried watching it over the summer because it seemed like it had a fairly good following, but after the first episode I wasn't hooked. Since then I've watched Baccano, and since it has the same author I decided to give it another try.

I re-watched the first episode yesterday and now I'm on episode seven. It seems a little more dark than Baccano, which is weird since there doesn't seem to be any homicidal maniacs. Though there is quite a few similarities that I've noticed.

Kida reminds me of Firo, but mostly in terms of looks. Mikado's shy and apologetic like Jacuzzi, too. Also, when I saw "the Slasher" I instantly thought, "RAIL TRACER", what with the shadowy-ness and rumored killer thing. In addition, there are two volumes of the Baccano novel series called "THE SLASH".

I'm sorta upset that there are fifteen volumes of Baccano, yet there are only sixteen episodes, yet there are only eight volumes of Durarara and there are twenty-four episodes...

LOL The password for the Dollars site is Baccano!


I'm sure its no surprise that I'm obsessed with Baccano! (I only say it every 5 minutes), but I think this obsession has gone on to a whole new level.

So, I finished watching Baccano! about the third time over, and it's really frustrating that there only 16 episodes of the anime and there are many more books (light novels) and even a video game... in Japanese. (And Chinese, but that doesn't help me much either)

I was reading up on Baccano! to avoid doing homework of course, and came across a particularly weird alternate ending for the video game. Immediately, I was like, "I must have it, even if I won't understand a word of it". Then, after some thought I realized, if its a visual novel style game, not understanding a word of it might be a bit of a problem, so I conceded that I MUST learn Japanese. (I always intended to, but I didn't have anyone to teach me. This also was a bit troublesome when I went to Japan the summer after I graduated...)

So, I bought the game "My Japanese Coach", which my friend recommended that I buy only if I'm desperate. (Which I am.) And it's actually pretty informative. The explaination on how to conjugate verbs goes over my head though.

My one friend also gets me manga for Birthdays and such occasionally, but only ones that are in Japanese. She claims that the original Japanese is better, which could be true, but I had no idea considered I couldn't read it.

Now I can identify most hiragana and can pretty much read it ('cuz the majority of the kanji has hiragana next to them), but the only thing now is the understanding part...

Anyways, here's a pic of Czes I'll probably never submit since it doesn't look like him at all... I just can't mirror his cuteness