Apparently the game I bought has multiple endings. (So exited, I've never played a game with multiple endings)

There are doors you can choose to go through in the game, but they all end up in the same place. So, even though the group of 8 separates, you all meet up after solving the puzzle in the following room.

I was wondering what would happen since I would only be solving about half the puzzles the game had. Now I guess I get to see some new ones.

The first ending I got was where the little girl murders three other trapees, and then me. I thought that she was just gonna chop my arm off for the bracelet, but she straight up killed me...

At least your allowed to speed up text you've seen already. The game is really text heavy.


I'm so stupid!! Apparently, besides that one piece of paper, there was another one with a code on it under one of the pillows on the bunks. I thought I checked all of them, but I guess I missed one. All of the bunks did nothing except this single one.

I got the first red suitcase open through sheer guessing. (I was sure of the first two and I guessed the last two digits.) The words they gave about making left and right and using the code I HAVE really misled me. If it hadn't been for that, I probably would have searched more. Whatever, I finally got it and I'm gonna eat some pumpkin pie so my brain won't explode.


I just bought two games today, 999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors and some Yu-Gi-Oh games. (My one true weakness)

Anyway, I bought 999 cuz it seemed like a good puzzle/mystery game and it is PISSING ME OFF!! I'm stuck on the first puzzle!! I feel like such a loser . There's one suitcase that's red and another one that's blue. I found 2 keys that match each suitcase in color and now I have to enter a code in each, 4 numbers each. There's a paper with four triangles, 2 red and 2 blue. Also, there's a picture that has a number code based on the position of the triagle and whether it's solid of an outline. It said that there's red on the left and blue on the right and the key is to make right left and left right for the last two numbers, BUT IT WON'T WORK! I feel like I've tried every single combination. I even grabbed a piece of paper and started turning it around. AHHH, I feel so stupid!! It's only the first puzzle! Logic is failing me....

It's too new to look up a walkthrough. (I don't like cheating but it's been over an hour...) I need something to get me started...

If anyone has this game, PLEASE HELP!!

I'm Bored...Because of my Toe

Ahhhh! I'm so bored!!

I can't move too far away from the couch because I possibly fractured my toe. (The doctor didn't give me an x-ray because they can't do much for any toe injuries anyway so they're assuming its fractured.) I've never fractured/broken anything before.

I was playing soccer in school and was set to kick the ball when this guy kicked it away. Long story short, I couldn't stop my foot at that point and accidently kicked that guy in the leg. I thought it would hurt for a few minutes and then just go away, but it didn't. I hobbled the whole day at school thinking that I jammed it. (Though it was only a half day, I still hurt it during 3rd period.)

When I got home, I put ice on it and fell asleep thinking it would feel a lot better after that, but it just got worse. Ironically, I had a doctor's appointment that day just for a check-up and they checked it out, but as I said, they couldn't do much. They told me to keep it elevated and people in the waiting room were staring.

I really just don't wanna do homework (Apparently were being assigned an expository essay due the next day. guh.) I'm trying to make a Darker than Black mask now... Wish I could draw...

I just really need to get over it, I suppose... Ummm yeah...

Things with Stuff and Baccano!

I haven't been active in a while, have I? I have a few things drawn up, a few almost finished but in need of some minor details, and I'm working on getting some of these things inked and colored.

Anyway... I just finished watching Baccano! recently and it was awesome!! It's really sad that there are only 16 episodes but the ones those go on forever tend to make me lose interest. Also, they usually get all serious and its just not the same as what you knew and loved about that series, but I digress...

Back to Baccano, it was probably one of the best animes I've ever seen. It was always so exciting and I yelled at the TV whenever that particular episode was over saying, "NO!! Don't be over!!" Though I'm very glad I have the Funimation Channel now and it has informed me of many wonderful series.

I think the best part of this anime is that it has extremely likable characters. There are almost none that I hate or resent. (Though I dislike Vino because he tortured Czes, but he is pretty bad ass)It might be a little confusing in the beginning because there are so many characters and there is no main one, but I think that's also what makes it interesting. The fact that it skips around and you don't know the whole story at first keeps things interesting. And when it all comes together awesomeness happens.

Basically, I've been recommending this to everyone I know and will continue to do so. I've been really obsessed and an working on several pictures of Czes and one of Jacuzzi. So, those who haven't watched, I very highly recommend it and those who have, feel free to discuss.