Ah, I really haven't posted anything in a while...

I went to see "How to Train Your Dragon" the other day with Nia, and it was awesomely adorable. And afterwards we ate crepes!

Then, yesterday I went to my friend's birthday party. We karaoked in cosplay.

YES, it's finally Easter. Not that I'm overly religious but I gave up eating meat for Lent and I never imagined how hard it would be.

Also, I'm going to Castlepoint!! I'm really excited. I aquired yet another cosplay... (I wasn't going to wear that Hungary outfit again.)It's Ringo from Air Gear. Though, whoever made it did a pretty crappy job. The gloves they sent me didn't even have fingers. It had a part for the thumb but it just opened up where the rest of my fingers are supposed to be. Everything else is pretty ok though.

Though, in the manga Ringo has brown hair, yet in the anime it's pink-ish... I have no intention of dying my hair, so I figure its fine/accurate to keep my hair brown.


Yay! It's almost Christmas.

It came so sluggishly this year. We didn't get our Christmas tree 'til about a week ago and its even FAKE! I've never had a fake Christmas tree before . I mean there's nothing wrong with a fake Christmas tree except that it's NOT REAL. We missed getting a real one 'cuz my sister had basketball practice and my Floridian cousins came over. They're coming over for Christmas day too so I don't see why we couldn't get a real tree.

Also, instead of going to my grandparents house for Christmas this year, we're going to my Tita's house. It's much farther ('specially since my grandparents live 3 houses away) and we'll be jammed in that small apartment with all my cousins. At least there'll be presents. (I bought my other aunt 20th Century Boys )

I'm gunna have more time to draw stuff and maybe even do homework 'cuz i didn't make fencing . Last year they didn't have cuts so I got to practice everyday, but this year about 70 people signed up and they really only need 9 for varsity. I'm kinda sad cuz even though I'm pretty terrible at fencing I had 5 wins and 4 loses and I was having fun as well. I didn't even know that I got cut and brought my stuff ready to practice. Luckily my friend told me beforehand. I think what's even worse is that they said not bringing in forms would give them an excuse to cut you but I had all my stuff and a lot that made it didn't. Also, my other friend, made the team even though she's a beginner and they haven't even picked up a weapon yet. They can't really say they didn't have enough experienced sabers cuz my other friend got cut even though she's been there a year. Most of the people I know didn't make it and that's kinda sad. Oh well, maybe next year!

Blah, I'm being kind of depressing so I'll just say I'm in the process of inking an entry for the "yaoi christmas" challenge (It's Air Gear themed), I finally started using my intuos4 tablet, your Christmas present is in the making Kathy, and watch this festive L'Arc~en~Ciel music vid:

I love the part at the end when he says "Thank you, Jesus"


Woot! Going to Nyaf tomorrow!! (Very excited if you can't tell)
Imma be cosplaying there soo yeah .

Only a slight problem with that though... I'm cosplaying as Hungary from Hetalia, but I've never even watched that show . It's really my other friends fault. My parents had her call me to try and get out of me what kind of outfit I wanted (as a birthday present), but she ended just telling me their whole plan anyway.

So I mentioned Pretty Face but I knew there probably wouldn't be an outfit cuz it's not an anime (yet), So I told her I wanted Ringo or maybe Agito from Air Gear. (Ringo seemed so perfect to me cuz she had glasses like I do and I am obsessed with that manga.)

So anyway, SHE'S obsessed with Hetalia so she put Hungary on the list. My initial reaction to the suggestion of being Hungary was "I don't want to be some dude with fuzzy eyebrows!!" To which she replied, "Hungary's a girl, I think you're thinking of Germany"

My parents would never let cosplay as a guy, so Agito was out. There is no Pretty Face anything and she didn't even put Ringo on the list! So the only option left was the Hungary.

Which is why this outfit isn't very good for me. The only thing that's going to save me is that I have a friend that's cosplaying as Japan.

My hair is not quite long enough and I don't have a beret, but hopefully I won't be too out of place. If anyone could catch me up with some Hetalia info, it would be greatly appreciated!

In the Woods

Tomorrow I'm going in the woods with my cousins, aunts, uncle and sister. I didn't really want to go but i was somewhat forced to go. Looking forward to walking across a log over a lake. Not looking forward to the 2 hour drive and spending the weekend with cousins. (There are way too many people from Florida over here.)

Lesee, my sister is going to be hanging out with my two younger cousins, and my oldest cousin has her friend over, but i will probably be forced to communicate with them. Ahh the only thing that will get me through this is my DS and a sketch pad. I just have no common ground with these people. They like shopping, texting, talking. I'm on a Yu-Gi-Oh 5d's spin right now and i really can't relate.

I kinda wanna sit in the dark in the forest and draw while holding a flashlight over my sketch pad... That sounds fun. Especially if i can hear frogs...

I'm upset that i'm missing my horseback riding lesson this week and the week after. I've been doing a bit better since i've been going to this new place. (Stupid mayor closing it down for "renivations" because it's "structually unsound" when actually they can fix whatever damage there is to the place without tearing the whole thing to pieces. They'll end up putting something stupid there.) I still have the same instructor but i guess since there's less people i can be braver...? Oh well...

Still haven't started my summer homework!!!! I really need to start cuz i have English, Math Analysis, and AP Physics to work on!!

Maybe over the weekend i'll be able to actually produce something good to put up.

And here be a picture of two really friendly guys. Tell me what you think and if you can come up with a good bg it would be most appreciated (I was told by a guy in my homeroom that the one guy's hand should be closer to the other guy's crotch ) :


Finals are over, school is over, IT'S FINALLY OVER!!! Cuz of finals (and lazyness) i haven't been able to update.

I have a few things that i drew but they need to be colored/inked and colored. I have a lot of summer homework, but i'm gonna procrastinate a little.

Managed to get A's on all my finals and now i have a new phone. It's a LG Versa (I think that's spelled right) It has a touch screen

I really need to watch sum anime over the summer. Today i watched episode 3 of Darker than Black. I watched the first two episodes a while ago. I couldn't find an english subbed one so i settled for the dub.

Well, that's it for now...