New Place to Ride

On the 31st they closed down the place that I have been riding horses at since I was seven. They say it was structurally unsound but it looks the same as when i was little. My dad (<---- lisenced architect) says that anything walls they need to fix aren't structural so they don't have to tear down the whole thing. (Stupid govenment people) They even sent out retarded letters calling petitions to save the place "mean-spirited letters". Honestly, it sounded like a three-year-old wrote it.

Well i had my first lesson this morning at the new place which is 45 minutes away instead of 15 minutes like the place i usually go to. I rode a mare named Cocoa. It was a pretty good lesson. This place had practically no grooms, so my instructor tacked her up for me. (i must learn how to do that on day) I'm just afraid that i'll get the positioning completely wrong and the saddle will pinch her back. or maybe the saddle will fall off.

I might be helping out there a few days a week during the summer. (or maybe some other barn, i'm not sure.)

Artist Block, Field Day, and New Manga

I've been having artist block lately. I finished coloring something but i haven't put it up yet. (I'll get around to it eventually.)

Just finished the LAST volume of RalGrad (sad) so i've been having ideas for stuff to draw. (I wanna draw hair like Takashi Obata!!!)

Field day is so weird at this school!! They have normal stuff like tug-of-war and soccer but they also have checkers and karaoke! I signed up for Soccer, Yu-Gi-Oh (now i must find my cards.), Checkers, and Water Ballon Toss.

I've been obsessed with this lately. I've watched a bucha version but this is one of my favorites. Light and Matsuda are so adorable. L and Mello look cool too. Near even manages to look cute. Misa has a big shoulder in one part...

Fiddler on the Roof

Yesterday i went to see Fiddler on the Roof w/ Nia at my old middle school. It was very amusing.

Sorry, I Got Sweat In My Hand

OMG I LOVE THIS. I have no idea what the Japanese Guy after the guy with the USA shirt says, "you speak english?!"

Engrish is my favorite

My right hand really hurts. All the way up my forearm. I'll probably not be able to update for a while. (I don't think i'll be able to use photoshop at all) Typing hurts to sooo...

Are We There Yet?

I was supposed to be going on vacation this weekend... but we ended up not going. (That's okay, it gives me more time to procratstinate for writing my essay.) We're apparently going the same time next year...

Hit a wall with my essay. It's about Inherit the Wind. I didn't think I would like the book but it was pretty good, but it wasn't that dramatic. Only 3 acts so it wasn't drawn out very well. (In Ace Attorney, there would be 3 days in court and some time to investigate in between, but there was only one day in court besides choosing the jurors.)

There are a lot of challenges that i want to enter. (just put up an entry for the B&W Chibi Challenge) These are the one's I'm thinking about:

1)Favorite Yaoi Couple - Cuz it's yaoi (is there any other reason?)
2)Draw a Sad Picture - Cuz most of the people i draw are smiling
3)Food People - Cuz i have an idea
4)Your Myth - Cuz myths are cool
5) Angstlichkeit Cover Design - Cuz i like that comic (I hope i can spell the name right)
6)Yin and Yang - Cuz it sounds cool
7)Anime Swimsuits - Cuz i wanna draw bathing suits!

(These aren't necessarily in the order of which i want to enter most)

Also thinking of entering some card challenges (there are only 2 anyway)