Jello Pie

Nia and I were bored, and her mom bought pie, and we were fooling around, so, we made up a re-make of sorts of the Beatle's Hello Goodbye. (that was probably the worst constructed sentence in the history of sentences)

Here be the lyrics:

We didn't agree which world to put it in so if u want me to take it down, Nia, I shall

Who Drew What?

Have you ever drawn something a long time ago, find it years later, and say to yourself, "DID I REALLY DRAW THAT?"
IDK when i drew this (or maybe someone drew it for me?) But its so funny/creepy
The Marill looks like its puking, anorexic Togepi being chased, i think the thing that looks like an ice cream in the Jigglypuff's hand is the marker, and it kinda looks like their playing with Yu-Gi-Oh cards

Stuff That Happens

Ewww i feel icky. either its allergies or i have a cold. (don't worry, its not the swine flu) I kinda wanna draw but i think i'll just play video games instead.

I wanna know who won the NYAF thing. (so nervous) I hope i'll win but there are so many entries and all of them are really good. (i should have been more creative...) So for now i'll just keep checking every so often.

got a hair cut cuz i might go to a convention, (cosplay and such) but its too short. (ohh well) I said shoulder length but since its layered, the front is short and the back is shoulder length

drew sumthing but i'm working on the colored version. it was originally gunna be a NYAF entry but i decided i didn't have enough time and the concept wasn't very good. I also drew a Mew Mew but i don't like how it came out so i'm gunna draw another one.

Finished reading 07-Ghost volume 2. It was pretty gud except there was this animal thing in the art at the beginning like the one Mikage has so u kinda could guess he was gunna turn into it

If anyone has read/watched any good manga/anime, i'm kinda bored so maybe recommend sumthing...?

NOO!!!! It's Almost Over!!

No spring break is almost over and i did absolutely nothing!! Didn't even get to watch a lot of anime. (Only my old pokemon vids, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and Inukami! 18)

Spoiler for Inukami!:
Inukami! is really a ridiculous show. I randomly decided to pick an episode where i wasn't up to in the manga. I wasn't really sure what the bad guy's plan for domination was but he doesn't like to wear pants. He wears a long cape and high boots. He said that, "Clothes are too troublesome" Besides he had a chicken named Socrates. Who names their chicken Socrates? Also a robot with a "akwardly" placed drill. Favorite quote from this episode has to be: "the giant pervert was defeated by the little perverts" I think Kaoru just joined the evil side. (though it might be a double cross)

Going to see Avenue Q with XxI Wuv PockyxX tomorrow!!! I can't wait!! (Now i just have to finish my last three Algebra problems...)

I Am Really Slow.....

Woot!! Spring Break!!

Too bad there's nothing to do....
Yesterday I broke out all my old Pokemon videos. (well i only watched 3 episodes) I had no idea how many tapes i actually had. Remember Bill? Looking back on it i really don't like his voice. A lot of the voices could of been better but it is kinda funny.

Also decided to watch that FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood thing cuz there was an advertisement on the O. I was really confused cuz i really hadn't read up on the new series. (I watched most of the old one and watched the movie. Not to mention i have up to i think 16 in the manga) I was thinking the entire time, wait didn't King Bradly die already?, i definately know Hughes died, weren't Ed and Al trapped in Germany?, OH WAIT AL IS STILL IN A SUIT OF ARMOR!!! they must have started over...(On a side note i later relized that Mustang didn't have an eyepatch) So, yeah i'm really, really slow.

I was pretty funny. All the short jokes and Al being mistaken for the "FullMetal Alchemist" and whatnot. Brings back memories.

Also went to Barnes and Noble. Bought Inukami! volume 2 which i just finished. Hilarious Spoiler: (Tomohane was going to give Yoko cupcakes with laxatives but she wasn't home and Keita ate them instead. Then the Mujina fused Tomohane to Keita at the foot and well u can guess what happened. The same thing happened with Karina except their faces were stuck together.)

Bought 07 Ghost on a whim as well. haven't read it yet but i think it was the cover that got me.