Anime/Manga Discussion

Ok so apparently no one reads Pretty Face. (guess u all don't enjoy genderbenders as much as i do lol) So recently with the member introductions i have been noticing a pattern. Most people say they like Naruto, Death Note, Bleach, or Shugo Chara. (i hope i spelled the last one right.) Well while i do like the first three somewhat, i own approx. 180 manga right now. So, i really wanna discuss some of those that are probably not the most popular. I'm gunna put them into catagories according to completion and interest. This is gunna be a long post but if anyone wants to talk about these animes/manga, comment or pm me.

Animes That I Have Watched The Complete Series
Law of Ueki (probably the best anime i've seen)(I also own 6 volumes of the manga)
Ouran High School Host Club
FullMetal Alchemist (though their making a new one so i won't be able to say that anymore)
Note: I prefer manga to animes so i really haven't finished much.

Animes That I Have Watched One or Two Episodes but Probably Won't Watch Again
Code Geass
Darker Than Black
Kyo Kara Maoh (i wanna watch this one more but i don't have time...)

Animes That Are Way Too Long And I Gave Up On Watching
Naruto (I also own 22 volumes of the manga)
Bleach (I own 1 volume)
Konjiki no Gash Bell (they stopped making the dub and i kinda lost interest during the Millenium Mamodo Arc)(I also own 16 volumes of the manga)

Manga That I Have Read One or Two Volumes of (or Chapters) That I Probably Won't Read Again
Absolute Boyfriend
Black Cat
Dragon Eye
Eyeshield 21 (i don't like football so i don't kno why i even bothered...)
Ghost Hunt (i don't like horror but it was a gift from a friend)
Heros Are Extinct!!
Kingdom Hearts II
Lagoon Engine Dinsatz
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Samurai Deeper Kyo
Prince of Tennis
Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok
Tokyo Mew Mew a la mode
Yakitate Ja-pan!!
Yotsuba&! (i have 3 volumes)
Zombie Powder
Tales of the Abyss
No Bra
Tengen Toppa Gurren Langan
Brave Story
He Is My Master

Manga That I Have Completed Reading the Series
Pretty Face
Princess Princess
Death Note

Manga That I Have Or Have Borrowed From My Japanese Friend That Is In Japanese And I Only Got The Jist Of It From Looking At The Pictures
Katte Ni Kaizou
Ranma 1/2
Detective Conan (they have so many volumes of this)
Princess Princess +
(I also own volume 24 of Naruto in Japanese)

Yaoi/Shonen-Ai/BL/GenderBenders That I Read
Princess Princess
Pretty Face
Day of Revolution
Family Complex
Dear Myself
Gravitation (of course)

Manga That I Am Currently Reading And Plan To Purchace More Volumes Of/Read On-Line
Hikaru No Go
Air Gear (yeah baby)
Ral Grad
Ahiru No Sora

I probably missed sum but i think this will do...

Yuna Kurimi

Yuna is the person whose face Rando now has. She is the older twin sister of Rina Kurimi. She ran away from home after her parents wouldn't allow her to go the Beauty School. Her sister leaving really upsets Rina so Rando must find Yuna before he can get his face back.

Masashi Rando

Ok since im not sure if anyone has heard of this manga or not... i'm gonna start introducing the characters..

First off is Masashi Rando a.k.a the main character of this manga!!

In the beginning of this manga he suffers an unfortunate bus accident and his face is so disfigured that even his own parents don't recognize him. After being in a coma for a year he wakes up to find he has the face of a girl(Rina) that he has a crush on. (The doctor used a picture of her that was in his wallet to reconstruct his face never mind he is clearly a guy.)His parents moved away because they thought he had died in the bus accident so he has no where to go...That problem is easily solved when Rina (the girl who's face he has) finds him and mistakes him for her long lost twin sister!! (DUNDUNDUN)

To be continued....

Pretty Face??

I really like this manga Pretty Face but i don't kno too many people who like is as well... (I don't even think there's a fanart section for it) So if anyone would like to dicuss it please comment!