Slightly Relieved

This week was pretty hectic in terms of stuff I had to do. My friend's mom planned a surprise party for my friend and she employed my mother and I too invite people and keep it under wraps.

It was a costume party so I decided to go all out and make my own outfit. Since I started high school I always wanted to dress as a female version of Robin, but they only sell that "sexy" version and I didn't really want that.

So the previous Friday my grandma and I went to Joann's Fabrics and bought some patterns and, well, fabrics. (We bought some super cheap broadcloth since I probably will only wear it twice.) It frayed quite a bit, but it was all hidden in the seams and when we hemmed stuff.

I tried making my own design that was based off of the outfit Burt Ward wore and when Starfire dressed as Robin in "The Quest" episode of Teen Titans, only for some reason I thought she wore a yellow skirt, but she didn't so I guess I'm not very accurate. I also thought that when I was looking up references of other people who made there own costumes that they were making up their own designs, but apparently there is actually a female Robin out there. Oh well... I still got a lot of compliments surprisingly.

I'm pretty proud though since its my first "cosplay" that I ever made myself (and by that I mean my grandmother and I), so I can't complain too much. I'm too afraid to wear it to conventions though because its inaccurate and I don't know if people will be accepting of the "artistic liberties" I took. I might post a pic eventually though; probably not.

Other sources of stress that week were: ACTs the morning of the party, homework, writing an essay for a scholarship contest, and being really tired and falling asleep at 8 and waking up between 4 and 5.