The Supernaturalist

I've known for quite a bit that they're making a graphic novel version of The Supernaturalist by Eoin Colfer. (Which is probably my favorite book of all time ever since I first read it in, if I remember correctly, the sixth grade.) I was really looking forward to it but, the cover art looks terrible. It's not so much the art style (though I don't really like it) as it is the completely inaccurate designs that don't even remotely match the character descriptions. For one thing Cosmo's supposed to be bald after he meets up with the Supernaturalists, y'know because of the whole tramautic head injury thing that's a pretty big plot point. Also, even if it was before the accident, he had brown curly hair, certainly not a spikey 'do.

Stefan is explicitly stated to have jet black hair and eyes that are probably blue, yet he gets the same color hair as Cosmo. I might be able to let it slide if it seemed they all had the same hair color as each other because of the lighting, but Ditto has this completely ridiculous blonde... powedered wig... dreadlocks thing going on. I don't even know what they were thinking. The only thing they got right was that he's blonde and short. Also, Mona doesn't look Hispanic at all, looks like they moved her tattoo from near her eyebrow to under her eye and gave her the shortest skirt/dress/shorts type outfit ever despite the fact that she's a major tomboy. Also, at least Cosmo is given army fatigues to wear by Stefan and Stefan has a badass coat until it gets wrapped. Ugh.

All that nonwithstanding, it looks like they're reprinting the original with a brand new cover that looks AMAZING. Cosmo looks so cool. I always thought of him being just kind of awkward and maybe even a bit goofy, but he looks like a total badass. I'm tempted to buy even though I have the book. (Though mine fell apart due to too many re-readings, I guess you could compare it to Ziplock's lapel...)