Cosplay and Such

Really busy past few weeks. AnimeNext was two weekends ago, yesterday was graduation, and now that it's officially summer break, I have agreed to undertake 5 cosplay projects in time for Otakon. Actually that's kind of beind dramatic. After attending a few "cosplay on a budget" type panels at AN, I wanted to try my hand at throwing together some cosplay with some items in my closet and a few purchased ones.

Here's the list:
Graceful Dice
Skull Dice (for a friend)
Umbra (also for the same friend)
Team Rocket Grunt

I already pretty much have all the stuff for the rocket cosplay. Had a shirt that I bought from a convention about a year ago, borrowed a skirt, bought cheap belt and gloves, had a hat, and recycling the top part of the wig from my Princess Bubblegum cosplay.

I'm in the process of making a huge Dice for the Graceful Dice cosplay. I went through one and a half bags of stuffing and the thing still isn't filled. That's gunna be fun to carry around... I need to dye a hat pink and make some wings to attach to it. Might have to modify a shirt and also make a bowtie.

For the Lumis and Umbra I'll be making cloaks. (I get a lot of help from my grandma because I don't understand patterns. I literally just do all the sewing. Need to work on that, but it's nice to spend time with her.) Almost finished with one, then I have to start on the next one. Attaching the chain will probably be the most difficult part.

Skull Dice will probably be the most difficult because of my friend's indecisiveness. I can't even start until he tells me what I need to do.

However, if you've stuck with me this far, if any of you have been to Otakon before, could you please tell me how it is? I've never been, and it seems absolutely massive. I'm really nervous about navigating it, especially since the convention is pretty out of the way for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.