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The Promise Of The Rose

Chapter 1/ Chapter 2

"Why do you look so sad?" She asked. He looked up at the little girl. He was sitting under a large cherry blossom tree. No one should have been here except his mother who wanted pictures of cherry blossoms. "I'm not sad." He told her. She rolled her eyes at him and smiled. "If you must know, I'm looking for someone and I can't seem to find her anywhere. I've looked all over the world and seen millions of people but I just can't seem to find this girl." He sighed and looked back up at her. She put her finger against her chin and puckered her lips. She looked like she was trying to think really really hard. Her eyes grew wide and bright. "I know! I'll help you look for her." She saluted and spun around facing the empty trees. Her uniform skirt flew around her. A light breeze blew and he caught the scent of roses. He realized after a few moments that this little girl smelled of them. He glanced around him and noticed the light seemed to have grown blurry and his focus seemed to be on her. She was the only thing clear. Her little shoulders slumped and her face looked crumpled as she turned back towards him. "Whats wrong?" He asked. Her blue eyes looked like they were clouded in tears. "I can't help you find her, theres no one here to look for." Her tiny hands were clasped in front of her and they were slightly shaking. He laughed, something that he hadn't done in months. "How old are you child?" He asked. She sniffeled, and her blue crystal eyes caught his emerald green ones. She smiled, all signs of sadness gone. "I'm 5, but tomorrow is my birthday." She smiled brightly and he noticed two little dimples appeared. "Well Happy almost Birthday." He replyed. She just kept smiling. another small breeze sent her silver curls flying around her heart shaped face. Her bangs from what he could see were pulled back in two clips on the top of her head. The scent of roses surronded him yet again. "Your hair is..." He started. "Silver?" She answered. He nodded. "Why?" He asked. She giggled, and the sound stuck with him. "I dont know, its always been silver, since the day I was born." She smiled again. Thats when he felt the connection click into place. Inside him something happened, something about himself changed. Everything in his life that had gone wrong and things that had gone right came together just then. She was the one he was looking for, this little girl was his soul-mate. The one he had spent 150 years looking for
was this odd silver haired girl. He could hear another human coming closer to them. "What's your name?" He asked in a rush. He was losing his time with her. "Avery, and what's your's?" "Etienne." He answered. Her eyes sparkeled happily. "Avery?" Someone called in the distance. He gave her a questioned look. "Thats my mommy." She smiled again. His time was almost gone with her. He stood up and knelt down in front of her. A red rose appeared in his hand. She gasped. "Magic?" She asked. "Something like that." He answered. She still stared in amazment at the rose. "Avery, I promise you that in 11 years I will come back to you." "Your leaving, why?" She asked, well her face started crumpling in sadness. "Don't worry, i'll only be gone for alittle while, 11 years goes quickly when you dont think about it, but my promise remains, I will come back for you." Her eyes closed and a smile spread across her face. Her eyes opened again as she started speaking. "Okay, I'll remember and Etienne, I'll be waiting for you." He handed her the rose and her eyes widened in wonder. As they're hands touched in the exchange a shock went threw both of them. They both looked at the flower in wonder. The flash of camera broke them out of their trance. Etiennes mother held a camera pointed at them. "Avery, where are you?" Her mother called again. Avery's head turned towards the voice. "Go to your mother Avery, I'll see you soon." She back away and walked towards her mother who had appeared on the top of the hill. "Goodbye Avery." He whispered. "Goodbye Etienne." She yelled but when she turned around, he wasn't there. She held the rose close to her chest. "Avery, who were you talking to?" Her mother asked. "A boy, his name was Etienne and he gave me this flower." She held up the rose for her mother to examine. "Pretty, if you'd like, I know how to crystalize flowers, I could cryalize your pretty rose." Avery smiled and nodded. "We'll get the supply's on the way home." Her mother said. "Okay." Avery answered. As they got into the car Avery saw Etienne leaning against a tree watching her. Her eyes brightened and she smiled widely and waved. Etienne smiled and waved lightly back at her. Avery's mother looked up but saw nothing by the tree. "Who were you waving at sweetheart?" Avery looked back to the tree but Etienne wasn't there, he had dissapeared again. "I guess, Nobody." She looked down at her rose and smiled again.