Welcome to my world in the darkness.

It is a a great honor to meet any young woman who would like to be my friend.
My heart is perhaps more hidden, but maybe I have not seen all the world can offer in my long years of living.

A Fond Farewell

Good evening, ladies and fellow hosts, I apologize that this post coincides with Valentines Day; however, I have put this off long enough and have hurt important people due to my inattention.

I have decided to take my leave of this realm. I extend my deepest gratitude to my Little Demon and Lady Hostess for allowing me to grace this world as long as I have. I I have many fond memories here and through a deep friendship created here, I have weathered the harsh reality in my world. Thank you to those ladies who gave me some of their time and trust. I'm glad that I touched as many as I did while I was here. It was more than I dared to believe possible in the beginning. I will remain in touch with those important to me and keep this account. Perhaps I will endeavor to visit here as time goes on, as well.

All good things must come to an end... and dreams must end. I am afraid that the dream here for myself has faded. Good luck to all who remain and may it continue to remain a haven to those who do.

Farewell. *leaves a large bouquet in the room and fades into shadows*

Fan statuses


Acquaintance = Blood Huntress

#1 Fans= Jen, Ushio, and new Dyana

New Fans = LuciaNanami, Minnano Kimochi, Hime (dattebaneyo), and XxDirEnGreyX666

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Please notify me if I have missed any.

A promise

As more and more of the Night Class students regained their wills and the blood of Kuran Yuuki filled the night, a quiet descended on the building. Few noticed the large shadow as they whispered and pondered the future. Doors were left open. The shadow crept onwards. Pushed on by the wind, clouds unmasked the moon. In a sliver of moonbeams, the shadow's form solidified, a black wolf with dark red eyes. In the next moment, it merged with the darkness again.

The aura surrounding it was supressed by its master, watching from a far distance. Those who would have recognized even a small glimmer of it were occupied. The wolf paused. In the next room, a blonde student had a hand over the shoulder of a young girl with long brunette hair. It appeared shaken. She... The girl's eyes widened and she turned. Soundlessly, it leapt, no longer in her sight and shielding itself more deeply. Eyes narrowed and waited. Her aura regained its vigor. He moved on.

A couple girls left the library, faces grim, and missed the shadow slip through the doors and the door close behind it.

Alone, the wolf took in the quiet room, eyes roving over to a window seat. A thin layer of dust covered the two volumes. It padded over and looked down, Shakespeare's sonnets and a book of world religious poerty. A red ribbon marked a spot within the latter.

A sinister aura slithered over the room, causing the wolf to raise its hackles and let out a low growl. Another aura seemed to be with it. The messenger glared at the moon, frozen, until the two passed.

TIme was up.

The wolf wound around the shelves until it reached a nook with a small book on a reading table. The scent of roses overcame the wolf for a moment, bringing on hesitation, before it shook itself. Clamping down on the book, it ran away into the night.

Return and morning note

My long complete absence has ended. Some things change yet others remain the same, stubborn and comforting. The Hunters can be quite persistent; however, the Queens had long declared this a neutral zone and as such, I am grateful it still remains.

On a note of business, I will updating my list soon. A couple people may move up the ranks. It was pleasant to not be forgotten.

[*peers through the curtains at the strong sunlight and deep azure sky*

Sometimes the lack of sleep is not a terrible thing. The blue sky in the morning can be quite wondrous, yet when I am away, I tend to not notice it.

Back in the winter, I had begun reading a story to some of the ladies in the night class's library. Would the ladies like to hear the rest of that tale? If so, I will write it out here.

A belated apology

Good afternoon, ladies and fellow hosts,

I hope you are enjoying the invigorating rain of Spring. I regret to say that I won't be on as often for quite a while. I would wager for at least until June. My life follow chaos now. I will attempt to answer any messages you send my way when I am not on the move. Take care and enjoy the sunlight.