Ichigo Kuromaru Captain of squad five

Name: Ichigo Kuromaru



Rank: Captain squad5

Zanpaktou: Kyuukestki

Zanpaktou info: kyuukestiki is a vampire dragon that does fire attacks but only Ichigo Kuromaru can control it it's very powerful that can harm other arrancars hollows and espida's but never soul reapers.

Bankai:Banpaia Kuromeru Faia Jiten  Ashige Tsung Bankai

Hair color:Brown

Eye color: Brown


Date of birth: August 1,1990

Relationship satus:single

Clothes:Captains uniform


Hobbies: Alot of soul reaper training.

Hollow:vampire dragon

History: Being a soul reaper takes alot of training. Well the choices that I have to make are hard cause it can lead you into alot of different things but being with my parents on theotaku it's a good thing to have I have brothers and sisters on theotaku I know that some will be there for me no matter what I do. My auntie on theotaku can be silly. Being a soul reaper is serious work and alot of training to go through to get ranked up. I know that every soul captain has to adtend meetings but sometimes it is important. I'll keep working hard and going to missions to get better at fighting quincy's and espad's.

Background:Well i'm last of the vampires that got killed by posion ivy and went to the soul socitey to learn the ways of a soul reaper to protect the human and serital world but I will keep working so now I'm a captain for squad five still don't have a Lieutenant yet but I'm sure I can handle without one I work alone alot so it shouldn't borther me as much but as long my father is head captain then I don't have to worry about it but I have come long ways of a soul reaper already I've learned to take full responiabilty of being one as long I stay focused on what my missions are and don't let anything to distract me. I get along with the other soulK reaper captains when I first came to the soul socitey but at least I know that I will never fail I'll keep doing my missions right. Only magic and posion can slow me down but I will get up and keep fighting but I'll try to dodge enegry as long I don't get weak. Sometimes I can see ghosts but not always I try not to get involed with it but everytime if I do try it always some a problem for me then but being the last vampire is not always a bad thing sometimes it's a good thing mostly in my spear time I read books but I still focus on my training cause it does seem very important to a soul reaper and yet sometimes I think to myself if it was even wroth dying to be a soul reaper? I guess so it's the only way I can protect my family. Well sometimes having a bankai is important to have when in attacking a hollow if I'm not mistaken. I didn't had much family when I got to the soul socitey so I was really alone but thats when I met a kuromaru that took me in and they both raised me as their own daughter at least I'm not alone anymore. I do like being a soul reaper captain at least it teaches me something and it's really good so far. From what I read some Hollows used to be humans but not all Hollows went to the soul socitey to be a soul reaper they eat other human souls so a job for a soul reaper is to stop the Hollow from eating the soul of human that is chained to their body. For exmpale Orihime's brother Kakei used to be human but he died and became a Hollow. Kakei attacked Orihime and his other sister cause Orihime stoped praying for her brothers soul thats when Kakei attacked them but Kakei talked to Orihime he was no longer a Hollow his spirit has passed away. That's what I have learned about Hollows but if I do face a Hollow I know at least I know how to kill it. Van helsing killed mina and dracula only left Ichigo alive so now Van helsing only wants to kill Ichigo. That's why Ichigo is the last one from her family but she does like being a soul reaper.