Squad 5

I'm the captain for squad 5 so yeah my father ranked me up to this so far at least I'm training hard to get ranked soon. My name is Ichigo Hinata Pyrus Girl of world fire flarina Kuromaru but my nickname is 'Starwberry' only my dad can call me that. I've been captian of Squad 5 since I got ranked I'm the only one with out a liunentet oh well I like to do missisons by myself anyways I'm used to it. I go by Ichigo Ichi or Captian Kuromaru either one is fine I will respond to it. I did one about my background under my name in this post it does explain everything about me and it's true. I know about Annacars Espida's and Hollows their the emeny to a soul reaper. I only work alone. I used to belong to Mina and Dracula but they died from when Ven Helsing killed them. So I'm the only one that remains alive heck it gives me something to do with my life and yet I've been doing alright on the missions so liuentent I can handle it.