Pyrus and Anakin

Anakin Skywalker falls in love with Pyrus Dracula
This is based off of StarWars.
Disclaimer: I don't own Anakin Skywalker but I do own Pyrus Dracula.
Preface: In this story Anakin still lost his wife Padme Skywalker but what if there was another person that looked like her in many ways. But Pyrus doesn't know that she does of course her location is different same with the attacks.
When Anakin is turn back to the light side of the force he is no longer a Sith but he still misses his wife Padme that died no one really knows how she died but Anakin is single. As he goes to the Jedi Temple to train alone cause some of the Jedi are dead but not all of them. Yoda wonders why Anakin is training so hard but he is glad to have Anakin back on the light side not the dark side.
" Something borthering you I sense." Yoda said. " Yes master something is borthering me." Anakin answered. " What is it Young Skywalker." Yoda asked. "I still miss my wife Padme I don't know how she died but is there another one like her?" Anakin responded. "Show you I will there is a another person that does look like your wife." Yoda replied.
As when the Jedi master Yoda showed Anakin a map of Castlevaina from a hollagram there is a girl named Pyrus Flarina Dracula that looks alot like Padme and Anakin is very surprised about it. "Master where can I find her?" Anakin Skywalker asked. "She is located Castlevaina of course she has two brothers and parents." Yoda answered.
In that moment Anakin knew that she could be the right one to be with him. Back at Castlevaina Pyrus just had develop her fire powers things got worse when their emeny Vanhelsing's son Haru is on his misson to capture her. So he used a net to throw on Pyrus. She didn't know what to do but only knew that Pyrus was missing so Haru took her to his father Vanhelsing.
Vanhelsing came out of hiding he saw his son that did well of capturing the vampire daughter of Dracula. Pyrus struggled to get loose but no one knew that she has a new fear which is Sharks. Haru tied Pyrus tight throws Pyrus into the Shark tank. That moment Pyrus is trapped in the Shark tank and no one ever cared to save her but she only lost both of her arms and legs.
Her brother Alucard Jumped in and attacked Vanhelsing then out of no where Anakin comes in gets Pyrus out of the Shark tank was it fate or destiny that lead him to her well whatever the reason is he fell in love with her and Pyrus fell in love with him cause he saved her. Alucard killed Vanhelsing and his son for kidnapping his sister. Anakin took Pyrus to crouscant somehow Alucard trusted Anakin for protecting his little sister.
Anakin took Pyrus to Medical quaters where they put new arms and legs on her but only robtic type when it is on her. Pyrus got up she didn't know what to say or what to do but he cares about the young girl Pyrus. Then Anakin took Pyrus on a date they talked about things but she knew that he could be the right one for her. "Thank you for saving me I guess I have a fear of Sharks."Pyrus said.
"Your welcome and you can't let fear control of your life you have to try to face them." Anakin responded. That's when Pyrus finally smiled cause she flet safe only when being around with him he feels the same way about her. Pyrus decided to let Anakin meet her family of course her father really liked Anakin cause he know's that he won't harm her.
Pyrus is outside with her brothers while Anakin and Dracula talked about alot of different kind of things that normal families talk about when dating a daughter from them. "Anakin do you plan of marrying my daughter?" Dracula asked. "Yes I do plan that sir and she is in good hands so you don't have to worry about that." As Anakin answered.
Dracula does trust Anakin to be with his daughter when Pyrus is with Alucard and Eric. Anakin came outside sees Pyrus by the lake alone he went to her. " Hey Pyrus." When as Anakin said. "Hi Ani." Pyrus replied. Anakin Skywalker kissed her then she kissed him back there was a spark between them. This made Pyrus wonder why he decided to kiss her all of the sudden of what Dracula and Anakin talked about.
Their alone by the lake which is good so he decided to get on one knee holds Pyrus' hand that has the engagement ring when he finally asked her one question. "Ani what is this about?" Pyrus asked. " I have one question Pyrus." As When Anakin Skywalker answered. "What do you want to ask me." When Pyrus replied. "Pyrus will you marry me?" Anakin said.
Pyrus got speechless but in a good way. She didn't know what to say until finally answered the question. "Do you want to have kids." Pyrus responded. "Sure." As Anakin replied. "Then yes I will marry you ani." Pyrus said. Anakin put the silver engagement ring on her finger he stood up and kissed her cause he loves her and wants to protect Pyrus.
But Sidious will do anything to stop them from doing that he wants Anakin to join back to the dark side of the force to be Darth Vader again in order to that Sidous is going have to come up with something. Meanwhile Anakin and Pyrus are at the lake at Castlevaina that's when Anakin decided to take Pyrus to Naboo just to see what it is like there only Anakin has been there but Young Vampire Pyrus Dracula hasn't.
Anakin took her to the lake where he used to hold Padme at when he was dating her but now that he is dating Pyrus the Jedi Anakin doesn't feel alone anymore and that is the same with her. Was it her brown eyes or brown hair that he feel in love with at least he is going to keep Pyrus safe from the Evil Sith known as Darth Sidious. Naboo is a very peaceful planet that had no war and no plotting.
So Anakin and Pyrus decided to have their marriage on Naboo but the location is differtnt this time it won't be at a church it will be at by the Lake. So Sidious decides to capture Anakin's new soon to be wife in order to do that he sends one bounty -hunter to get Pyrus from marrying Anakin Skywalker. Back at Naboo Anakin likes Pyrus for who she is but something or someone is coming after Pyrus of course the Jedi Anakin knew that he had to protect her.
Bounty hunter came out of no where threw Anakin off to the side and took Pyrus. He disappeared with Pyrus leaving no trace to follow them Anakin got up and wonder where is at but he did sense that she is in danger he knew that Sidious is behind it so he goes alone to get Pyrus back. Meanwhile back to where The Sith Darth Sidious is at he already has Vampire girl Pyrus tied up of course he has duct tape on her mouth so she couldn't speak.
Pyrus wonder why he capture her for what reason but whatever that reason is it can't be good. But Sidous has Pyrus in a hidden room that no one knows about only a Jedi knows where it is at. Anakin came alone to Sidious hideout he found Sidous he looked sees that Pyrus isn't there. "Where is she?" Anakin asked. "I will never tell a Jedi but join me to bring peace and order to the planet." Siduous answered.
Anakin knew that he won't fall for it again. "No I won't join you the last time I joined you my last wife died." Anakin said. Sidous took out his lightsaber and so did Anakin they faught long and hard he manged to kill Sidous. Pyrus burns the tape off of her but still hidden hopes that Anakin saves her. Anakin found the hidden room and he frees her. Pyrus got up and hugged Anakin cause that she wants to be with him and have a family of their own.
The Jedi Anakin Skywalker took Pyrus back to Naboo and he didn't mind if she wore her Vampire clothes he thinks that she looks really beautiful in it as the priest did their wedding and they are together the wedding ended and he kissed her on her lips Pyrus didn't get nervous but she kissed his lips too. Well one good thing is that he didn't join the dark side cause he wasn't going to let Pyrus suffered like Padme did that was one mistake he wasn't going to re-live that again.
Well Obi-Wan Kenobi still doesn't know that Anakin got married to Pyrus Dracula that looked alot like Padme. They return to Courscant and Obi-Wan Kenobi saw him and his new wife and wondered why he has a new wife for what reason? "Hi Anakin who is this new girl?" Obi-Wan Kenobi asked. "Master this is my new wife Pyrus she looks like Padme." Anakin answered. "Well it's nice to meet you Pyrus." Obi-Wan Kenobi said. "Nice to meet you too Obi-Wan Kenobi." Pyrus replied.
Jar Jar Binks thought he saw Padme but turns out to be Pyrus that only looked like her. As Anakin and Pyrus went to their place at Crouscant the sun had went down and they decided to try to have three baby kids which it did happen Pyrus just had gotten Pregrant she didn't say anything to Anakin yet she didn't want to worry him but something happen that Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi had to go on a mission to see what it is was.
A new Jedi has been captured by Darth Ganondorf that had been trained by Darth Sidious. This new Jedi is Qui-Gon Jinn Jr cause he still misses his father Qui-Gon Jinn that died from Darth Maul the Sith that killed him but his son doesn't know about it yet. As they found Qui-Gon's son and saw the new Darth Ganondorf they had hard battle cause this new sith is hard but not that much hard. Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Padawan Anakin had beaten Darth Ganondorf and freed Qui-Gon Jinn Jr.
Things got worse more federation doris showed up to stop them from letting Qui-Gon's son from escape but Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi beaten all of the federation doris and return to Crouscant with Qui-Gon Jinn Jr Pyrus is outside waiting for her husband Anakin he saw Pyrus and went to her. "Ani I'm glad that your alright." As Pyrus said. "Yeah I missed so much Pyrus." Anakin replied. Pyrus is shaking a little and Anakin flet her shaking.
"Your shaking what's the matter?" Anakin asked. Pyrus paused for a moment then answered him. "Ani something wonderful happen, Ani I'm Pregrant." When as Girl Vampire Pyrus Dracula said. "That's wonderful." Anakin replied. "Ani What are we going to do?" As Pyrus asked. Anakin held his wife for comfort her. "We are going to do nothing our baby is a blessing this is a happy moment happiest moment of my life." Anakin answered.
Anakin didn't have anymore visions about anyone dying which is good cause Pyrus is very strong girl that he loves about her. It has been nine months it was time for the babies to be due she had all three of them at least Anakin is with her luckly this time his new wife didn't die in child-birth. They got the chance to hold their kids two boys and one girl. Obi-Wan Kenobi is glad that he stay on the light side not the dark side like he did before.
They decided to leave for Naboo to raise their three children by the lake cause they found a house there that they liked. At least they will make good parents to their kids as long they have each other and nothing can split them apart. Maybe this is a start of something new with their lifes that kept them busy cause when having kids changes everything. Pyrus put the babies down in the cribs to let them sleep while her and Anakin talked about things.
Anakin and Pyrus had a very succesful marragie they had no agurements to upset the kids it was in complete and bissuful slince that fell and maybe in my next story I will tell you more about their family and how the kids grew up. The end
This is the end of the story tell me what you think of it if you like it then comment on it if you don't like then I'll know about the corrections that I will make and I came up wit this on my own with no help at all let me know as PyrusDracula09 know how I did.