Chapter Two: Anakin's family Beings

Chapter Two: Anakin's family Beings
This is a crossover story.
Disclaimer: I don't own Anakin's family but I do own Pyrus Skywalker
Preface: From the last chapter Pyrus and Anakin got married has three kids so in this chaper you will know the names of the three kids.
They have to come up names for their childern Anakin got to hold both of his sons and Pyrus got to her her daughter. "Ani what can we name them." Pyrus asked. The Jedi Anakin is good of choosing boy names for his sons. "Hon I know boy names for our sons." Anakin answered. "That's good what are the names for them." As Pyrus replied. "The first name for our Son is Luke Skywalker and our Second Son is Zeekel Skywalker." Anakin said.
"Those are very good names for our sons I really like them Ani." Pyrus responded. Anakin smiled while holding Luke and Zeekel and he is wondering what the name for their daughter is going to be. "Babe have you come up with a name for our daughter?" Anakin asked. "Yes I have Ani." Pyrus answered. "What's her name?" Anakin replied. "Her name is Zelda Skywalker." As Pyrus said. "I like it Pyrus Zelda is a good name for her." Anakin answered.
"You think so Ani?"Pyrus asked. "Yes of course I do Pyrus." Anakin responded. Luke, Zeekel, and Zelda liked their names that their parents gave them. Pyrus and Anakin put them down to play with each other while they talked about alot of what is best of their childern. The kids are only eight months old so they being to walk to their mom and dad both of them are very impressed then Luke, Zeekel, and Zelda started to talk.
Luke said his first words were "Daddy." Anakin smiled when his son said that. Zeekel first words are "Dada." Zelda is the last that said her first words are very different from her brothers "Mommy and Daddy." Anakin and Pyrus is glad that their kids spoke for the first time this made them feel very special. The kids only wondered who their grandparents are and when will they get to meet them same with their uncles.
As Luke, Zeekel, and Zelda went outside to play. "Ani should we take them to meet my parents and brothers." Pyrus asked. "Yeah we should it would give our kids to meet them and we can tell your parents and brothers how our wedding went." As Anakin answered. "I agree Ani my parents of course my brothers should know how our wedding went." Pyrus replied. The kids went back inside. "Mommy Daddy what are you talking about?" Luke asked.
"We are just talking about your mom's parents and brothers." Anakin replied. Pyrus agreed with Anakin talking about her brothers and parents. "Daddy what are Mommy's parents and brothers like?" Zeekel asked. "Their really nice I met them while I was dating your mom." Anakin said. "Mommy when can we visit them?" As Zelda responded. "Soon we will you and your brothers to meet my parents with my brothers." Pyrus answered.
Pyrus and Anakin took Luke,Zeekel, and Zelda to meet Mina , Dracula, Alucard and Eric. Mina and Dracula sees their daughter Pyrus and Anakin with their childern. The kids got shy to meet them. "Hi mom and dad." Pyrus said. "Hey Pyrus how are you and Anakin doing." Mina asked. "Were fine mom things are going good." As Pyrus replied. "Who are those young children?" Dracula responded. "Dad these are our childern Luke, Zeekel, and Zelda Skywalker." Anakin answered.
The kids came out of hiding and standing next to their mom and dad. "They remind me of my kids young at that age but I'm suprised to be a grandparent." When as Dracula said. "Yeah they do dad me and my brothers were always easy to handle when we are that young." Pyrus replied. Alucard and Eric is glad to see their sister and Anakin hasn't seen them for awhile.
Pyrus brothers are older than she is but they still care about their little sister the kids got to meet their uncle's that are their mom's brothers and their grandparents which is their mom's parents well shime died cause the sand people killed her but he had no father or brothers so mainily it is his wife that had that but he still loves Pyrus and his childern. Dracula did tell Alucard, Eric, and Pyrus about their his brother Vamp that did turn back to normal and his sister Rini that is their aunt.
Dracula also told them about their grandparents that is still around luckly Alucard, Eric, and Pyrus did meet their aunt and uncle also grandparents when they were kids at least they visit them every once awhile both of Pyrus' brothers are dating soon they will ask their girlfriends something soon as it become more serious between them like it did with Pyrus and Anakin things gotten serious ever since they got married. Luke is only two years old Zeekel is two years old same age as Luke and Zelda is only one years old so she is the youngest just like her mother.
Anakin and Pyrus got done visiting her parents and brothers with their kids then decided to go hom to Naboo with Luke, Zeekel, Zelda. As they got home their kids went outside to play while Anakin and Pyrus decided to relax cause they had a long day as it is but still have time for their childern. What no one knew that Pyrus is being spied on target to get captured with out Anakin knowing when as Anakin went to Courscant to the Jedi temple to train with Obi-Wan Kenobi. The kids came inside to be with their mom. Pyrus isn't captured yet but she will soon enough.
Pyrus liked to be with her kids she knew that they are playing with their toys sometimes the childern wonder what their dad does when mom isn't with him that much and how they met. "Mommy wat did you and your brothers do in the past?" Zelda asked. "Me and your uncle's always liked to be with each other and always helped me when I got into danger they let nothing bad happen I felt safe with them." Pyrus answered. "Like what mommy?" Zelda replied. "Like someone doing bad thing almost well as you get older I'll tell you about it Zelda alright?" Pyrus said
"Ok mommy." Zelda responded goes to play toys with her brothers. Anakin return home to his wife and kids he just got done with his training with his master Obi- Wan Kenobi. Anakin sensed nothing else is wrong with Pyrus if there is she will let him know about it. "Hey Pyrus how have you been?" Anakin asked. "I'm doing fine Ani how was your training with Obi-Wan Kenobi?" Pyrus answered. Anakin didn't have that long of a paused then he answred "It went fine my master always keeps me busy with alot of things." Anakin said.
Anakin decided to hold Pyrus like he used to when they got married and she felt safe only he is with her. Both of them will tell their kids about everything that happen so far as they get older. "I like it when you hold me Ani." Pyrus said. "Me too Pyrus at least I will let no harm come to you as long I'm here." Anakin replied. Pyrus smiled felt alot of comfort that she really liked the kids are in their rooms wondering what their mom and dad are doing. Pyrus loves Ani and she is glad to be with him.
As long they have each other that's all that matters and they'll do whatever it takes to keep their kids safe from harm cause they really care about them. Anakin and Pyrus kissed on the lips luckly it was just them only the kids were doing something else. Anakin decided to check on the kids and Pyrus is wondering who is spying on her but she shouldn't worry about it but something her did. This person that hidden only made sure that he or she didn't loose sight of Pyrus.
The kids are in bed resting while Anakin and Pyrus are sitting on the couch watching televison probally cuddling with each other they got up and decided to go bed to rest luckly Pyrus turn off the televison is in the bed room with Anakin only both of them have robtic arms at least she isn't alone there and neither is Anakin. While they are in bed that same person that is spying on Pyrus came out of hidding Pyrus woke up and knew that she is sensing something but whatever it is she knew it can't be good so Pyrus went for a walk to see who it is just before she could know he or she knocked her out and took Pyrus to their hideout.
They tied Pyrus tight so she couldn't get loose that's when Pyrus woke up and wonder where she is at and couldn't move at all her hands are tied tight behind her back. "Ani help me I need you." Pyrus said in her mind. These people knew that she is afraid of Sharks that is bellow her if she ever tied to get loose. Pyrus struggled to get loose but can't she can only hope that Anakin does come for her. Meanwhile with Anakin he woked up and saw that Pyrus isn't there so he decided to let his in laws to watch over the kids while he goes to save her somehow he sensed that his wife is in danger which is never good.
Pyrus didn't scream for any help sometimes wonders why she doesn't do that but this person had the Tirforce of Power he knew that Pyrus had the Tirforce of Wisdom and his name is Evil King Ganondorf not the Darth Ganondorf but this one is different. "Let me go." Pyrus said. He put tape on Pyrus' mouth so she can't speak then finally answered. "No not a chance I know you have the Tirforce of Wisdom and your mentor is Zelda one of the Sheikah's." As When Ganondorf replied. Pyrus knew that she had to protect it one way or another of course never let him have it.
Then all of the sudden Anakin Jump kicked Ganondorf in the face Pyrus burn tape off of her mouth still can't move at all but she is glad to see Anakin as things couldn't get any worse the Evil King Ganondorf got up and attacked him Pyrus tried to get loose but can't."Let her go." Anakin answered. "Not a chance that will ever happen." Ganondorf said Anakin never gave up so he kept fighting Ganondorf that's when in that moment Pyrus relized that she had Kunai with her she took it out used it to cut the ropes which worked got herself freed and helped Anakin with Ganondorf.
Evil King Ganondorf had gotten beaten in both of his forms Pyrus knew she had to re-seal him in the evil scared realm with the anicent six sages he was finally sealed away for good. Pyrus got up Anakin wonder if she was alright. "Pyrus you ok." Anakin asked. "Yes I'm fine Ani thanks I don't know how he knew what I had." As Pyrus answered. "I"m glad that your not hurt." When Anakin responded. "Me too Ani luckly you called my parents to watch our kids." Pyrus said. "Yeah same here." Anakin replied. Both of them went back to Naboo Mina and Dracula return home at Castlevaina.