Chapter 2: Childhood of the lucky fourteen (1996)

Chapter 2: Childhood of the lucky fourteen (1996)

Disclaimer: I don't own the lucky fourteen but I do own Hinata Kazekage.

Preface: In the last chapter Stan died in his bed room and John had died from the clown and now only twelve are still alive and who will it go after next? Enjoy the chapter.


Bill is wondering why his brother had been he target from the clown and how come he is the next one but luckily he has been affected or grabbed by him yet and he hopes that someday someone will believe him about what he saw and that his brother is not around anymore.

No one at the school has believed Bill at all of what he tells them they think that he is just making it up and that it is all in his mind of everything that has happen to him and what he experienced from it. School is over and Bill walked home alone and Henry was there picking on him like usual and no one there to help him out when he is being bullied.

He had no one to back him up of when he was getting picked on or when it was going to happen but luckily a grown up told Henry to leave the boy alone and he refused but Bill kicked his leg and ran as fast as he can and made it back home and bowers gave up on chasing Bill then left to go to pick on another kid that is new or just he wants to do it.

But no one really knows why Bill is being bullied by Henry which made him wonder to himself and how to handle it and yet they young Denbrough went home to his room wondering of what he could have done to save his little brother from getting eatin' or trapped in it's deadlights somehow in that someway he still misses him and wished that he could been there for him when he really needed it the most.

Bill went home and got all of his homework done but then all the sudden his own photo album that he had of his little brother got to flip by itself no one else can see it but him but why was it doing this was there a reason young Bill left it on the ground and then all the sudden it winked at him which is never normal for anyone to see or notice about his parents did not believe him they think that he was just making it up.


Eddie is and always has been Bill's best friend he does believe him about the picture winking at him which is really mysterious and no one knows how it is doing that but they will find a reason for it and yet they had found none but young Eddie lived his mother who was always over-protective of her son and sometimes she did not want him to shower with anyone else because she's afraid that it will affect him with his allergies and just wanting her own son to be safe which is normal for some people but they should never be too much over-protective she is trying to do what is best for him and how he can be with her.

No one can understand them but only they can but then all the sudden when he was walking home alone Pennywise came out of no where and started trying to grab Eddie but luckily he had his inhaler with him use it against the evil clown and got loose ran away as fast as he can this made him more aware of what to expect when he is alone and the dangers that could happen if he is not safe he met up with his buddy Bill and told him about what happen and he believed him.


Ben Hanscom is new to Derry he has never been to it before or what it is like but he does have family members that him and his mother are staying with since his father died in the past sometimes Ben does not always get along with his cousin he does not like when he is beinng picked on by him and teasing him about anything that he wants to do.

It is during school and Ben is the new kid he does not know anyone there the teacher introduce him to the class then he sat in his seat but Henry was making fun of him of how he looks and his weight but it was after school and he got to meet Beverly Marsh as she introduce herself to him they talked for awhile then she went home Ben did the samething but then one of Henry's friends grabbed Ben when he was not looking.

Henry almost craved a "H" on Ben but then he kicked his leg to get free and ran to the barrens and hid somewhere safe but then Henry found Bill and Eddie making some kind of dam but Henry like to ruin things he asked them if they seen anyone past here Bill did answer his question but then Bowers pushed Eddie on the ground then left that's when

Ben came out of hiding and stayed with Eddie while Bill was away.

When Bill came back and Ben became their friend also gave them idea's of how they can improve on the project that they are working on and they like his idea after Ben left the barrens he went home and decided to write a poem for Beverly Marsh his cousin got to tease him again but this time his cousin started to hit his cousin and the mother or aunt had gotten him off of him.

Ben ran off when his mother want him to go back inside but he refused to but he want to the barrens but then he saw a image of his father but it was actually a clown all along that made him believe that his father was there he tried to grab him but Ben stepped back he looked at Ben and he said "THEY FLOAT THEY ALL FLOAT AND WHEN YOUR DOWN HERE WITH ME YOU'LL FLOAT TOO FAT BOY I AM WORSE NIGHTMARE THAT YOU CAN IMAGE AND I WILL HAUNT YOUR DREAMS"As Pennywise left and he went home again.


Beverly Marsh is living with her father who works at the school and she got a letter from someone that goes in her class that's when her father wanted to see it but then he tore it up and hit his daughter across her face he tried to grab her but she ran away from him and that's when Ben decided to ask her if she wanted to come with him to the barrens and she agreed that she will go with him.

Ben introduce her to Eddie and Bill which she already known but then they heard other voices like Stan and Richie that came as well and helped out with the project that they had started and they did it together as a team and she really enjoyed it and not being with her father or he would kept hitting her.

It was getting late and Ben walked Beverly home like a good gentleman after he took her home then he left but she was alone in her room where she was hearing voices saying "YOU WILL DIE IF YOU TRY TO FIGHT US BEVERLY" that kept repeating itself but her father did not believe her so he want back downstairs and watched his televison show somehow she was not making it up she really heard it but then no one expect of what happen to her father.

Pennywise showed up out of no where and ate her father without his daughter knowing about it but then the evil clown left and went back to the sewer but now Beverly is all alone with no parent at all her mother died from giving birth to her so now she has to take care of herself and will call her friends if she needs some support or needs someone to talk to which is always a good thing.


Richie Tozier always like to do funny voices and Stans friend but when they went to see a movie he kicked the popcorn on one of the bullies head and poured the pop on him he looked up the kids started to run from them and went to where they met but no one believed that something or someone is killing people in Derry because they were just kids and no one took them seriously.

But he is afraid from the werewolf movie that he went to see with his friends but when school came Henry picked on him and made poor Richie to spill his luch on him as the bully went down he slipped on a bannana peel all the students laughed but the principal made young Tozier to get a mop from Beverly's father who already have been dead for sometime and as he went he saw an image but turns out to be the clown that lured him but the boy got away and no one believe him that he saw a werewolf the students were laughing at Richie they never took him seriously about it.

When he got home he stay awake he was too afraid to go to sleep for some reason he can never get the image about the werewolf out of his mind it flet like it was there for the rest of his young life but at least he has friends that are there to help him out whenever they can their the only ones that believes him that he did see something while he was in the basement of the school but why no one would talk to them? Is it because they can see things or is it because they think in their minds that their not normal students? That made them wonder about this and how to handle it.


Stan Uris is one of the boy scott trops that helps with a lot of different activies but one of them that he likes is watching birds but then all the sudden out of no where someone or something is whispering his name and he did follow the voice into the old haunted house but he didn't know it was a trap he could not get out that's when he hold his book like a shield he remembered the birds by their names but only one got him out of there "Brown Thrust" as the door un locked then he ran as fast as he can luckily he saw Bill on his bike.

He got on and Bill paddled as fast he could he never turn around he didn't want to know of who or what was behind him they were at a safe place and he had Stan to clam down and explain everything that happen and he believed him knowing that he does care about his friend and will do everything to help him with his problem.

The two boys got back on the bike as Bill cried out "Hi-Oh Silver Away" as they went to meet up with their other friends and talked about what they have experienced so far and they have experienced the same thing only them did believe each other knowing as friends should and their bond kept growing knowing that they will never forget their friendship that they have as friends like they are now.


Mike Hanlon had a scrapbook that he brought to school and explained every detail about it and of what happen on that day but the teacher didn't want to know more about it but it was after school and Henry's gang surrounded Mike he was out matched he almost put a fire cracker in his pocket but the store clerk stopped them that gaved the young Hanlon to grab his scrapbook and run away from them.

Young Hanlon met up with the six at the barrens and told them that he needs help when they saw the bully after him all six picked up rocks and threw it hard at bullies that had chased Mike in the first place all of them ran away but Henry was the last one to go and he did luckily he was safe that had protect him from the Henry's gang members.

He will save his camera for when new people come and join their club which they have called the losers club which have stuck with that name for a long time and Mike showed them the scrapbook but then all the sudden the pages were flipping by themselves and that did happen to Bill when he was in his little brother's room and they did see the clown but then he threw it on the ground when it was trying to grab them somehow Stan did not want to see it but he did.


Hinata Kazekage is new to Derry she is living with her parents but her cousin like to stay with them she liked walking her cousin to school and she was new to the Derry School Systems but then Henry picked on Hinata because she had no friends but she went around him and walked away because she did not like being picked on.

Her sister Mia is protecting her little sister but sometimes she won't believe her that she can see something but why only her? School ended and both girls walked their cousin back to their place Cathy wants her cousin to go for a walk to the park with Hinata. " Please Hinata take me to the park." As Cathy Kazekage said to her cousin Hinata and she had no choice but she did take her for a walk but then all the sudden out of no where the clown showed up and trapped Hinata's cousin in it's deadlights but then it wanted her but she ran away but the clown chased after her.

She ran to the Barrens that's when Pennywise threw a rock that had poison ivy on it but young Kazekage asked them to help her and they also see the clown as well but he went back into the sewer and she took out her injection shot which made her not to be allergic again she was lucky that she met the seven and became a part of their club.

Hinata went home and she has no clue of what happen to her cousin but she hopes that one day she will find her also hopes that Cathy isn't hurt in anyway or being killed by him but she remain missing she does worry about her but luckily she has her sister that cares about her and hopes for the smae thing.


Arashi is shy but she does not know that she will have a sibling soon but she is the oldest child and that she wants to keep her loved ones safe and she saw Hinata going somewhere she followed her to the Barrens and young Kazekage told her about what she had happen to her and she believed everything that was said and Arashi is with the losers club.

She is glad that Hinata is doing well and not hurt but she is wondering about her cousin and hoping that she is not getting too much in danger but why is this clown only going after them also the kids in Derry is there some kind of connection between it if there is then why is he doing the killings?

Luckily she will help Hinata to find her cousin and bring her back from the evil clown that has her trapped in his deadlights but I believe the main reason why he is doing all of the killings because every 1,000 years it feeds on fear that people are afraid of him that will make him come back and haunt the kids of Derry including the lucky fourteen.


Dawn found out that Arashi is her sister and is Hinata's friend but why is this clown after them and hopes that one day it will be stopped for good but she stayed with her sister and with her at the Barrens where she became a member of the losers club.

Arashi filled her in about what Hinata told her and she believed her sister and is going to try help find her cousin.


John knows a lot of people but sometimes he does not like to see things but this time he did he saw something that will haunt him forever the clown had began to chase him and almost caught the boy but he got away and is apart of the losers club where he will be safe which he was and they had helped him to get through it.

He can trust them knowing that they have experienced the same thing as he did but why is this clown after them but hopefully that he will never be and friends that he made will stay that way for a long time.


Jim likes to sports like football to keep him busy but when he lost the ball in the bushes something or someone grabbed his arm but luckily he got his arm out and ran away from whatever had grabbed him he met up with the people that can see of what he is seeing and they did protect him from it.

The young boy was glad that he ran and became apart of their club knowing that they will always be there for him.


Derek Johnes is always good at writing new things but what he doesn't know that there is something out there that will be after him he looked around and saw nothing he went back to his creative work but then out of no where the clown jumped out and young Johnes backed away slowly and got to a safe place.

Luckily he was not hurt he hopes that the clown didn't follow him but then he saw his friend Hinata Kazekage knowing something happen to one of her family members and he helped her he was already a member of the losers club.


Luna is new to meeting new people and learning about new things but when the clown turn into something that she is afraid of she ran away to a safe location as the clown went back down in the sewer she became a member of the losers club that's when Mike Hanlon took out his camera and took a photo of all fourteen of them.

Bill and Hinata are the only ones that has missing relatives that the clown took away from them that's when they made their promise that's when the fourteen went down in the sewer but Henry followed them as they conutined walking Bowser grabbed Hinata from behind and was going to hurt her but luckily Derek went back and kicked Henry in the leg young Kazekage got loose and was with him.

All of the sudden a flash of deadlights came out Johnes and Kazekage ran away but it only took his friend blech but Henry's hair started to turn white but when the clown came he grabbed Stan because he was a boy scout Beverly hit the clown in the head with silver stones as he was sparyed by Eddie's inhaler half of them made it out but Hinata was still inside so Derek went bak for her and got her out.

They made their promise and went their own ways but they will have connections to them hoping that one day they will come back when if the clown isn't dead which was true he wasn't just badly hurt from the stone.