hi anyone and everyone who reads this I'm new here my name is andres but you can just tell me kuenka (actully my last name is cuenca but kuenka is how you pronounce it) im from ecuador sunny and tropical palce yeah!!
I hope you enjoy my work ( dont worry you will )
I'm a relaxed dude who enjoys the simple things of life things that make me laught and stuff and off course ANIME!!

ok so see next time anyone and everyone

anatomy killing

anatomy class first class of the period

dr.mena: welcome everyone to anatomy pratical part i'm francisco mena you proffesor and executioner je je
so we had the frontal bone for today uh any suicidals i mean voluntieres
some one : i'll do it
-ok go kid
- ok... the frontal bone is an superior centred bone, simetrical and....
- wwwoooooooooowww you hear that he is a genius come on tell me more!}
kuenka's mind : what a jerk who does he think he is come on ask me ask me!
the same someone (nonsense babling): mwmfwonfmownfoxnwnwnnffwjfjwr
-ok kid you got 0... now lets beging class

i like this doctor he is a bastard and he knows it XD

my fish half dying

los paranoias a really good band

when flu reach his ugly face

a normal night in kuenka's crib -dinner time-

kuenka: you know this chicken turn out fine! =q
mom: yeah you cook great andres
- you see you just have to -cought- -COUGHT-
- o.o
- x_x
(mom leaves the room)
- mom?
mom: ummmm hi 911
[email protected]@
- yeah i think he has swine flu or something
911 lady: ok we are sending an ambulance right away
kuenka: uh?
(i don't know like second after)
door bell
kuenka: uh? who is it?
911 paramedics(in protective viral suits): sir please come with us
- o.o
- come with us! NOW
- dude im fine -_-'
- he is resiting get him
- wtf o.o
- oh shit!
- take mucus samples from his nose
- he is in denial

so im ok dont worry or any thing i dont have swine flu so i,ll keep writing
from now on

Gimme an answer!! chapther four

three days after the incidents occured in chapther 3

Chapther 4: our eyes seek light do our souls do the same?

saint judas memorial hospital

kamura's mind
kamura: where i am?
allen: kamura..
- who is it!
- kamura... hear my voice
- who are you!
- i am what you are... and in a way you are what i am to
- ok let's get things straight! first who are you and what are you doing here
- i'm allen i'm your great grandfather
- my great grandfather...
- i'm not here per say i'm a memory fragment that you have inherit
- why?
- because i'm your guide spirit and beacuse you see... in your blood hidden...
- in my blood?
- resides the power... a power that could change the world
- because you see... you are a light warrior
- a light what? o.o
- not the brightest kid in the block i guess -_-'
- i'm sorry but what is really a light warrior?
- there are people that call us angels others call us reapers and in a way we are a bit of both
but the truth to be understand is that we are the limit betweeen this world and the one in the other end of the bridge the underworld
- underworld like hell?
- not really but you can call it that way if you want to
- so this underworld is it evil?
- not all of it i mean in the end all light warriors desend form underworld creatures
- you to?
- yes... and you to didn't hiashi tell you anything.... stupid brother
- hiashi... me... a light warrior
- live... live and fufill your mission kamura i'll be there when you need me
- my mission... what is my mission
kamura wakes up
kamura: ugh... man... what the hell
hiashi: great your are awake!
- hiashi?
- yup what's up
- niki where is niki!
- relax she is in the cafeteria
- why am i here
- umm... let's see you fainted three days ago you had no signs of comming back
( niki opens the door and sees kamura tlaking to hiashi)
= niki drops her food to the floor =
niki(weaping): ka.. kaa.. kamu-kun!!
= niki runs to kamura=
kamura: no niki don't trow yourself to me i'm still weak! ahhhh
= niki lands on kamura stomach leaving him breathless=
niki: kamu-kuuun
kamura ( breathless): ni.. ni.. niki-cha...n @[email protected]
hiashi: hey you drop my sandwich!
niki: kamu-kun kamu-kun!
hiashi: and my soda!
niki: uh? dont bother me cousin hiashi go get yourself your sandwich i'm not your maid!
kamura(almost dying):ni..ki please stand up.. @[email protected]
niki: uh? alright =3
hiashi: could you please go for food for all of us please?
niki: alright! kamu-kun i'll get something for you
= niki leaves the room =
kamura: hiashi i'm i a light warrior?
hiashi: no
- uh?
- your full power is not unleashed but the day of enlightment is near
- why is so important me becoming a light warrior
- you'll know... until then good bye
= hiashi disappears within the wind =
= niki opens the door =
niki: alright i bring food for every one! uh? where is hiashi? anyway let's eat

chapther end

lies powers revealed the story of two lone wolves that howl searching for each other knowing that they are in separate worlds next chapther: the story of the two lone wolves

Mr. Danger

well this is a video made by and latin american band called doctor krapula and they made this protest video aginst bush and stuff i know the subject is old because bush is no longer usa presidente but i just like this video its pretty well done