anatomy killing

anatomy class first class of the period

dr.mena: welcome everyone to anatomy pratical part i'm francisco mena you proffesor and executioner je je
so we had the frontal bone for today uh any suicidals i mean voluntieres
some one : i'll do it
-ok go kid
- ok... the frontal bone is an superior centred bone, simetrical and....
- wwwoooooooooowww you hear that he is a genius come on tell me more!}
kuenka's mind : what a jerk who does he think he is come on ask me ask me!
the same someone (nonsense babling): mwmfwonfmownfoxnwnwnnffwjfjwr
-ok kid you got 0... now lets beging class

i like this doctor he is a bastard and he knows it XD