her dimonds

fan art

just added a pic from my series (joker)

slience breaker

to get this started i wanted everyone to post who is there favorite alice in wonderland character, mine is Cheshire cat (joker)

YOUMACON!!!!!!!!! who you goin as

hey was watchin d gray man an decide im goin as road kamelot to youmacon 2011,but i knew that from the start heh heh: joker


hello this is kuosakura chan i like to welcome all who veiw this world now we all know a bout the four queens thAT rule over wonderland, so im the queen of spades now in this woRld if your post are supber you will be ranked
Q,spades: mega otaku
Q,hearts: vice otaku
Q,dimonds:loyal otaku
Q,clubs:the otaku

if your a boy it would go as K,spades ect. anyway if you become any one o these queens you can select people as you king,of j. for peole who are not selected you must at least belong to a queen you can pick which one and when you post must sing that queen example: just watched d gray man it was awesome,:spades) you can talk about what ever you like but may not put others down i hope u enjoy