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What K-on! band character are you?

What Should You Be for Halloween?

Advanced Placement Halloween

Everyone else who takes this quiz is getting costume suggestions, but we'd feel like idiots trying to 'help you out' since you've probably been planning your costume since November 1 last year. Whatever it is, we're probably in awe. Keep on keepin' on.

14% of the people who took this quiz got the same evaluation.

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yes, that's me XD

What is your Theme Song?

"Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Greenday

You're anti-social, and hate mostly everything. You like songs that refer to you in ways. You like to be evil, and do things frowned upon by others.

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that is so NOT like me O_O
I mean sure I'm no social butterfly. but I'm not evil, and I don't do things that are frowned upon unless you count being gay cos that's more than frowned upon here XD

Would You Survive a Zombie Invasion?

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You will outwit the zombies.

The zombies are unlikely to eat your brain, because you'll be too busy using it against them. You're not 100% prepared for a zombie attack, but you're smart enough to improvise under pressure. Since you know that one reckless mistake could end it all, you'll be extremely careful about every move you make. You'll defend yourself with whatever you have available, and your creative solutions might just keep you alive. Humankind is lucky to have you on our side.

bring it on you undead suckers >D

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Which Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Character are you?

Your Result: Mion
You act like a boy, even if you are not and a leader. You have a soft side, but you don't show it. You are somewhat jealous sometimes, but are loyal to your friends!
Result Breakdown:
88% Mion
66% Rena
53% Keiichi
30% Rika
9% Satako
4% Shion

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although she's not my favorite character, I'm glad I got Mion
I have a huge crush on her <333