Guidelines for new wallpaper makers.

Hey, guys I have got some guidelines for those who have just started making wallpapers:

1. If you donot know how to use photoshop you can use websites such as and
2. Use big and high resolution scans. DONOT stratch smaller scans to fit your required size.
3. Don't blur the scan alot. Make sure that the main content is shown properly.
4. Donot stratch brushes to fit your required size.
5. Only use authentic scans from'd be better not to use fanarts, in that case ask permission from the owner first. Donot use wallpapers from minitokyo, they are for personal use only.
6. The text in the wallpaper should be clear and easy to read.

I hope these guidelins help the new makers properly! :)

New Font Site!!

Most of the fonts on this website are free and they look super cool!
take a look if you can!
should update that master list of websites :D

~take care and create~

Web site!
this web site has almost everything!

  • brushes
  • images
  • patterns

used some of there brushes in my newest creations!
have fun and ENJOY!

A New Site!

This is a site you an order books from and i have one or two books from them as well!
BUT you can get free samples of their books sent to your email! make a ton of brushes from their clips art its all royalty free images and clip arts!

click one of the links on the side and you will go to the email sign up and can look through at least one or two of their pages for each book!

^^^^^ detect link to the free samples!

i just thought i was a good site to share even if you don't want to buy a book

Quotes And Lyrics!

Hey guys^^ As you guys know quotes and lyrics play an important role in making wallpapers and stuff and I always face problems searching for quotes and lyrics for wallpapers so I improvise and make up my own quotes sometimes, but recently I found two websites which can be perfect for Anime quotes and Lyrics. They're really good websites because they have quotes and songs straight out of the Animes.

This website has quotes from a lot of Animes. Whenever you want to fit a quote according to a character, this website is the best.

This website has all the songs' lyrics from all the animes. It even has English translations for the Japanese songs.