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voice meme (video)

CHECK THE DESCRIPTION ON YOUTUBE. it has where your questions start ...

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voice meme! (oops)

Hey guys! I wanted to do another voice meme since all I've really been doing is therapy stuff .3. EDIT: this is like a month late but I will record this tomorrow so if there are any other questions you...

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If you could befriend a fictional character who would it be and why?: Kaneki because he is so sweet! What anime would you live in?: Probably Pokemon On a scale of 1-10 how ...

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If you had a choice in the matter, which one of your favorite anime shows that had been cancelled would you bring back?: oh my gosh Baccano! It needs season 2! What would you do if you got to meet ...

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If given the chance would you leave this world to live in an anime world? if so what world and why?: Yes of course! I would probably want to live in the Pokemon world (more so the games) because who wouldn't w...

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