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Voice meme done!

My boyfriend and I did that voice meme last night (at like 5 AM) and I'm just double checking it to make sure everything is in the right place, I'll upload it later today. Here it is! :) ...

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Hey! Voice meme WITH my boyfriend!

If anyone would like to ask us questions that would be awesome! My boyfriend has never done anything like this before because he isn't a big social media person, but he said he would do it for this site :) *I will record our answers and pu...

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Scary Movies?

We need scary movies to watch! We've already seen: Insidious Wrong Turn Halloween (yes all them) A Nightmare on Elm Street (all) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (all) Human Centipede The Hills...

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Oh gosh

Yep, I was bored ...

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Voice meme (finished)

Sorry if I sound unenthusiastic, I had fun with the questions an everything just not feeling too great lately. ...

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