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anime questions!

1. What got you into anime? I guess watching Dragon Ball as a kid. 2. What was the first anime you’ve ever watched? Dragon Ball & Pokemon 3. What was your first anime crush? ...

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Whoever asks for them first will get them. So no hard feelings if you don't get the one you want, sorry! Just tell me which one you would like in the comments and it's yours! all taken!!! ...

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If I make some character adopts would anyone be interested if i made some characters and gave them away for free? It's like a stress reliever for me to make characters but I don't have a use for them :( ...

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Voice meme done!

My boyfriend and I did that voice meme last night (at like 5 AM) and I'm just double checking it to make sure everything is in the right place, I'll upload it later today. Here it is! :) ...

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Hey! Voice meme WITH my boyfriend!

If anyone would like to ask us questions that would be awesome! My boyfriend has never done anything like this before because he isn't a big social media person, but he said he would do it for this site :) *I will record our answers and pu...

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