I can't get ride of this for some reason...I guess that its cuz I've just been here for so long that I can't get myself to do it...

Thinking about leaving The O

Yeah and when I say that I mean deleting my account and everything.
I don't use this account at all and I don't look at stuff here either.
I overall just don't like how this site is set up especially how the site is set up yeah

I'm on DA if anyone cares.

I feel accomplished...

beat the original kid icarus on the nes and got the perfect ending!....yep.XD The first game I beat on the nes is one of the apparent hardest ones.X3 It was really hard...and even after having it for months and not being able to get past the first world, I beat it in the day and then played through it again to get the perfect ending.

Maybe its because finals are over and my stress is dead.XD

Yep finals are over and I am on break. I guess that means I have to start drawing comic pages again...yay.<3

Man I love old games.XD

Now I don't want to turn the game off because I know all my work will be gone....sigh TT.TT

Important News for Equivalent Exchange

......the comic that went no where and then died?....^^'

I'm not bringing it up because I am going to discontinue it, I'm bringing it up because I kinda need to rewrite parts of it.

One of the major reasons why I never worked on it as much as RAINE is because of the canon rape and plot holes in it that bothered the crap out of me.

The canon rape didn't start to bother me until just a bit ago.
I love fanfiction, I love ocs, but I hate it when the story starts to mess with the actual canon of the story. I did this when I made Vanessa know the Elrics as kids in their home town living close to them....ow.

I could easily redo EE by omitting this part and just going with the rest of my story but fixing it isn't that easy because of a plot hole.

Of how Vanessa got to Ametris......
yeah...the reason kinda died when I decided to change the plot of the story while drawing it. Her entire reason for getting there boils down to...because that is what she wanted.^^'

I guess my problem came from not fully developing the story before I started it.

I really need to stop jumping the gun....

So enjoy RAINE and Jubaku's Curse until I figure it out!

I'm in College not dead.

I know I shouldn't let this bother me but I'm loosing subscribers.^^'
Uh guys. I know I'm not updating like I used to but it's not like I'm quiting. I just don't have the time to draw pages like I used to. I mean. I really really want to be able to draw pages like I used to but I can't.