Hiya! This is my little "blog" world. Well, not really little, but the size doesn't matter.

Name: Fishy-chan

Age: 1,000,000

Location of my house: On the ground

Likes: Anime. But only the good ones. Frogs, food, but only tasty food, when my friends fall in holes, vocaloids, my friends, you, theO, rusty spoons, etc.

Dislikes: When I run out of the stuff

DA account: xlolfishx

Instructions for use: Serve with or without broth as desired

oh gosh

I haven't logged on in a bit I've been tagged! Questions from Inufluffy12~

1. Who is your favourite cosplayer? (If you have one)
I don't :I I just like seeing cool costumes at cons

2. Have you cosplayed before?/ Do you want to to?
I have but I didn't find it that great so I stopped

3. If so, Who?
I've been Tea from Yu-Gi-Oh, Jessie from Pokemon, Hinata from Naruto and Chihiro from Spiriting Away

4. Which Avenger is your favourite?
Okay, do I say Loki because Tom Hiddleston is one sexy mofo or do I saw Thor because he's actually one of the Avengers and he's just a bafoon and funny?

5. Got any OTPs?
No, I'm like the only person that doesn't :I I fail fandom school.

6. What do you think Australia/Australians are like?
We're all a bunch of sexy bitches ;)

7. Do you have a favourite plush toy? Does it have sentimental value?
Probably my Scraggy plushie cause Scraggy is one badass Pokemon

8. What do you collect?
I used to collect frog things, but now I collect dust because I never move, haha. That was a joke. Um, I don't think I collect anything.

9. Is the anime or manga better?
It depends on the series.

10. How did you find theO?
I was looking for reference pictures for my Tea cosplay back in early '09 and one of the google results was this site and I thought it was really cool do I joined cause I love sharing my art and then a made a billion awesome friends ^^
11. Are there any improvements you’d like to make to the site?
Searching for multiple tags at once thank you please.

Please vote so I can win!

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My entries for the Marvel villain T-Shirt design contest. If anyone would be kind enough to vote for me I will love you forever. Tom Hiddleston is guest judging the contest so I absolutely must do well. But considering there’s about 1000 entries I don’t think I have much of a chance :/


A very important post!

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This isn't imprtant at all xD

I made a new speed paint if you didn't already see.

Otaku Legend

Aw yeah, I'm a legend. For three years of being legendary ;)


Supanova was great. I spent hours upon hours standing in lines but it was definitely worth it. The first thing I did was go to get my photo with Wil Wheaton.

External Image
(I'm on the right)

As you can see Penny (my friend who co runs The Awesome Adventures of Sparks McGee with me) and I went dressed as Sparks McGee. We walked into the photo-booth and his immediate reaction was "Sparks McGee! 8D" At this point he wasn't aware that we were the ones who made the tumblr blog. He was just happy to see Sparks cosplayers.

Then whilst we were waiting for our photos to be printed we wandered around. We found a cardboard cutout of Riker.

External Image External Image
He's no where as cool as Sparks McGee.

After our wander we went back to get our pictures signed by Wil Wheaton. That's when we told him we were the ones who made the tumblr blog. He was so happy (so were we) he reminded us that it's his favourite blog and he loves it so much and we were just like :D :D :D :D the whole time. The next morning he posted this on twitter

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And when we read this we were like 8D 8D 8D

He was really proud of us and wrote lovely things on our pictures

External Image External Image

I also got to catch up with people I haven't seen in a year which was fun ^^ So all in all it was great!!!