Yu-Gi-Oh Chatroom

Yugi: cardgames4eva (I almost instinctively wrote cardgamesftw!)
Tea: BFFL001
Joey: JWftw
Kaiba: RichKid
Bakura: xSorcererx
Marik: EvIl_OnE
^Just so you know^

cardgames4eva has logged on 8:36

cardgames4eva: Oh, I'm the only one here.
> ...No one
> At all?

BFLL001 has logged on 8:39

cardgames4eva: Finally! Someone to talk to!
> Hi Tea!
BFFL001: Hi Yugi, how r u?
cardgames4eva: Good. You?
BFFL001: ditto

JWftw has logged on 8:41

JWftw: Hey yugi, hey tea
cardgames4eva: Hey.
BFFL001: hi
JWftw: Tristan's at my house
> Hi (Tristan)
BFFL001: Hi
cardgames4eva: Hi Tristan.
JWftw: AH! Tristan's raiding the fridge! BRB

JWftw has gone away

cardgames4eva: ...
> ...
> Why is it always quiet when Joey leaves?
BFFL: cus ur boring
cardgames4eva: I am not!

RichKid has logged on 8:48

RichKid: kaiba is in da house!
BFFL001: friends only kaiba.
> get ur own chatroom
RichKid: this is a public chatroom, YOU get your own one
BFFL001: only when u b nice 2 yugi
cardgames4eva: Chill Tea, Kaiba can stay
RichKid: thats better.

JWftw has returned

JWftw: when the hell did Kaiba get here!?!
RichKid: oh look, its the furry
cardgames4eva: Do you guys ever stop fighting?
RichKid: only when wheeler admits hes a loser
JWftw: but you're the one who's a loser!!
cardgames4eva sighs

xSorcererx has logged in 8:51

xSorcererx: Hello everyone!
cardgames4eva: Hi Bakura
BFFL001: hi
JWftw: yo
xSorcererx: I just bought a new RPG
cardgames4eva: Nice!
RichKid: do i know you?
xSorcererx: It's me? Bakura? From school?
RichKid: really? but your not in my class right?
xSorcererx: Yes I am!
JWftw: He's the british kid everone except us hates.
BFFL001: lol we must suck
RichKid: ooohhhh! you!

EvIl_OnE has logged in 8:59

xSorcererx: Yes me!
EvIl_OnE: I wanna talk to yami bakura
xSorcererx: I'm not letting him out!
EvIl_OnE: I command you to!!
xSorcererx lets out Yami Bakura
xSocererx: I'm here
EvIl_OnE: Excellent.
> I have a plan to deafeat the pharaoh
cardgames4eva: I'm right here!
EvIl_One: Oh. Crap.
JWftw: who are you?
BFFL001: I dont no who u r but ur being mean 2 yugi get lost
xSorcererx: That's no way to talk to my comrade.
BFFL001: soz bakura
> this a new friend of urs
EvIl_OnE: Marik!
xSorcererx: You fools! It's not your friend Bakura! It's ME the evil mastermind that lives in the millenium ring!
cardgames4eva switched with the Pharaoh
EvIl_One: Wayda go bakura! Now the pharaoh is here!
JWftw: Tristan again!

JWftw has gone away

RichKid: Not more idiots who believe this Egyptian bull
cardgames4eva: Kaiba, when will you ever learn...
xSorcererx: I think we should kill him.
EvIl_One: I have a better idea
EvIl_One takes control of Kaiba's mind
xSorcererx: This should be amusing.

JWftw has returned

RichKid: I love yaoi
JWftw: WAAAH????
RichKid: Especially JoeyxKaiba yaoi
RichKid: Joey is the second sexiest person in Yu-Gi-Oh! (Because we all know that Marik is number 1)
EvIl_OnE: Heheh! >:D
JWftw: someone PLEASE fill me in.
cardgames4eva: Marik took over Kaiba's mind.
JWftw: oh. ok then. MARIK YA SICK FREAK I'LL KILL YA!!!
EvIl_OnE: This is fun!
Evil_One switches minds
cardgames4eva: This can't be good.
BFFL001: Yo pharaoh imma let you finish but Marik is the hottest egyptian of all time
RichKid reads all of the above
> That's it. I'm outta here.

RichKid has logged out 9:15

EvIl_OnE: Ooh! I know! I'll have my own conversation!
xSorcererx: I love you Marik and I admit that I have less fangirls that you and that I am so effeminate and that's why your fangirls pair me with you.
> You are very manly and attractive unlike me.
BFFL001: I agree with bakura 100%
cardgames4eva: Say Marik, I'm free tonight if you want to have some fun
EvIl_OnE: I'm afraid I'm straight. (You really shouldn't be listening to stupid fanboys that don't know anything.) Sorry, bakura, sorry pharaoh, and sorry to you in advance joey
JWftw: Aw, that really burst my bubble, but because you're so handsome I'll forgive you.
xSorcererx: <3 <3 <3 I forgive you too
xSorcererx blows a kiss
cardgames4eva: As do I
BFFL001: I LOVE YOU!! (I'm female!)
EvIl_OnE: You're not my type.
BFFL001: That doesn't stop me loving you.
JWftw is now under Tristan's control
JWftw: 3 letters. W T F?
>I just suddenly relized I love you too Marik
EvIl_One: Oh you're all too kind!
xSorcererx: Please go on a date with me Marik!!! PPLLLEEEAAASSEEE???????
EvIl_OnE: Fine, but it will only be a pity date. Friday. I'll pick you up at 7.
xSorcererx: Yay! The sexiest, hottest, cutest guy is my boyfriend!
> I'm the luckiest girl/guy in the world!!
EvIl_OnE: Oh you're all so kind! I love being to most adored Yu-Gi-Oh character ever!
EvIl_One releases everyone's minds
EvIl_OnE: Oh well, boring. I'm leaving.

EvIl_OnE has logged out 9:21

cardgames4eva: What just happened?
xSorcererx: I. Kill. Him. Now.

xSorcererx has logged out 9:21

I hope that wasn't too long but I had alot of fun. Yugi's like me. He's in the chatroom by himself and uses correct spelling and grammar! And I had fun with the Marik taking control of everyone part. It seems like something he'd do. (lol, I'm a Marik fangirl)