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2day... i went n got sum teeth pulled out.. pain...
its rele funny how u rele cant feel it xD
the only pain i felt was wen they injected that drug thing into my gums wit a needle.
after that.. it was.. odd..
its rele wierd wen u hear drillin noises..
it was also rele wierd wen they were sewin my gums... u just c the people puttin a curved needle into ur mouth.. then u c the people pullin it out.. n u dont feel a thing..

n then wen i got home.. i was pinchin my upper lip cuz i cudnt feel it..i sed to mi pop "hmm.. so if i cut mi lip.. i wudnt feel it.."
then mi pop just sed "dont do it.." lol

but.. because of that.. i cudnt eat for a couple of hours..
n so wen i was home.. i was just layin on my couch.. waitin.. for time to pass so i cud eat.. cuz the yesterday.. i didnt rele eat much.. mi mum cooked sum.. brown.. rice.. n i dont like to eat it..
n so.. wen mi pop picked up my mum from work, which was around 5, she started to make dinner. she sed that she was gonna b done soon.. so i waited... then fell asleep.. then i woke up at 7.. n i havent eatin anything today (i dont eat breakfast.. or lunch.. n i went to the ortho place staight after school).. n i ate dinner around 7 or 8 the day b4.. n so i was freakin hungry.. so i went on mini roide rage n punched a wall n went outside to relax.. then after a couple of minutes lata mi mum gives meh this banana mush.. (taste gud tho) then i got sum energy bac n then 30 min lata i ate dinner...

thats mi record xD about 24 hours of no food..
ug... i STILL taste blood D:


.. title pretty much says it all..
umm.. i dont rele no if this is sum kind of sick joke that theO made.. or if sum random twilight geeks that no how to hack a site..
well.. if its just me.. lemme xplain..
so.. it looks like.. everything has been.. "twilitifide".. that.. title things says.. "I LIEK TWILITE" for mine.. n oder random stuff on oder people..