Night of the Living Navi

Night of the Living Navi (a Death Note/Legend of Zelda Crossover)

Light Yagami picked up his Death Note and slid it into the robe of his costume. He had decided, after considering thoroughly the irony of the thing, to go to Misa-Misa's annual Halloween party as the Grim Reaper. No one would think that Kira would dress up as the visage of Death itself, after all. The doorbell rang.

"Light!!" Soichiro's voice rang up from the bottom of the stairs. "There's someone here that wants you to ride with them to Miss Amane's party!! It's Ryuga-kun, in fact." Light groaned inwardly.

Ryuk the Shinigami floated in, snickering loudly. "Nice costume, Light. And isn't that L downstairs? Doesn't that make you seem a bit suspicious?"
"It's called 'hiding in plain sight', Ryuk. Anyway, that's why I brought my Death Note." He sniffed, offended at the jest.

After descending the staircase, Light was greeted with a hoot of laughter. "Going for the dramatic this year, eh, Light?" Sayu asked between gasping breaths and spastic giggles. "'For whom does the bell toll' and all."
"Interesting, Yagami-kun." This voice was a bit darker and grim, more fitting for well...the Grim Reaper. "Kira or the Reaper? Which is your mask?"

Light ignored this, choosing instead to burst into a fit of laughter all his own, literally rolling around on the floor, clutching his sides (and the Death Note) at the hilarity of the situation at hand. Ryuga, L-possible number one, was dressed as a lollipop.

"A sucker, Ryuga? Isn't that saying a bit much about you as well?" The pink swirled candy scowled at him, seeming completely unimpressive, pulling out a double of his costume and popping it into his mouth. Light howled again at the sheer ludicrous quality of the moment. Fighting for breath, he managed to say, "You do realize you're committing cannibalism, right?" before breaking into another bout of laughter.

Once the two boys had subdued their glee, they loaded themselves into Ryuga's limousine.


Once at Misa's house, the two got out: L, the giant, and Kira, the Grim Reaper. Before Light had even made it to the front door, he had been tackled by Misa-Misa, who was garbed in a sexy Playboy bunny costume.

At around midnight, there was a booming noise outside the Amane residence, like the sound of a cannon shot for the fun of it. They stepped outside, where a green portal of swirling light spit out a blond boy dressed in green and a small yellow light that danced around his shoulder. The first collective thought of the onlookers was "WTF? TINKERBELL?!" And then, it started.

The boy picked himself up off of the sidewalk upon which he had unceremoniously dumped and brushed off his tunic and said:

"I am Lance Link of Hyrule. Princess Zelda has been taken captive by Ganondorf...again. And this..." he motioned wearily toward the speck of yellow light, "is my traveling companion and guide, Navi." Throughout his soliloquy, he seemed singularly unenthused. A moment later, everyone found out why.

The tiny little point of light started zooming around everyone's heads and yelling out at the top of its lungs, "HEY! HEY! LISTEN! LISTEN!"

This is what Navi did for three hours straight until Light pulled off his mask and said to Misa, "I've got to go to the bathroom. I'll be back in a minute." At this, the little shining ball grew quiet. It seemed to watch him as he left, then zoomed after him.

When it disappeared, both Link and Misa looked around and saw a glowing trail in the general direction of the bathroom. Shouting in unison, they bellowed, "NAVI! YOU PERVERT! LEAVE HIM ALONE!"

In the bathroom, Light pulled out his Death Note and said, "Finally. I'll make this thing shut up. I don't care if they find out that I'm long as I don't have to listen to that idiotic ball of light say 'hey! hey! listen! listen!' again." With that, he pulled out a pen and started to reach for the lights when...

"HEY! HEY! LISTEN! LISTEN! You are the mighty Kira, the one with the power to kill Ganondorf. You must write down his name so that Link and I can free Princess Zelda...What are you doing?"

"I have a better idea, you pixie knock-off." Light snarled. "N-A-V-I." He chanted the letters as he wrote them. "40-39...Do pixies have heart attacks? I guess we'll find out...19-18...Sayonara, sucker...3-2-1...What the HELL? Why the hell aren't you dead?" Light wondered aloud.

"HEY! HEY! LISTEN! LISTEN! The Death Note doesn't work on fairies." Navi replied.