Hi, everyone!
I'm going to use this world for showing you what's happening in my life, as well as other stuff..... So enjoy! ^^

Help for Serbia and Bosnia!

Help for Serbia and Bosnia!
My dear followers, please spread the news about the situation in Serbia and Bosnia! Help is needed! It may seem as a joke to some of you, but I assure you it’s really serious! Many lives, homes, even cities and villages are wiped out by massive quantities of water! Our family members are travelling to other cities, carrying food, clothes and bottled water to help as much as they can in rescue efforts! Please reblog, I will say it once more, help is needed!!!!! Spread the word!

What to do for summer?! ><

I've been planning to use this summer to it's max!
I would ofc rest, but I need to do something and have fun~!
Any ideas, my friends? I would appreciate them!
I need something fun, something that will take me into action, something creative, whether it's photography, photoshoots, scrapbooks, or crafting things, or something really simple.
I'm open for suggestions.

Thank you so much, you're so kind!

My birthday~

So, yeah, it's my 18th birthday.
In my country, it means that I'm an adult now. Although I look really young, keke~ Happy birthday to me~

PLEASE READ THIS: "Bringing forth a new world"

Hello everyone~
I would like to share this with you. TheO user baka red posted an interesting idea on theO, here's the link to it, so PLEASE READ IT.


It would be nice to make theO a really fun place and do more exciting things like that reunion chat we had some day ago. Please don't be shy, participate and give ideas, everyone is eager to listen. You can comment on baka red's post and give ideas. Let's make theO a more fun and better place, we can do it~!

Thank you so much~

Colourful hair or no?

Hello guys~
I was wondering. Have you ever dyed your hair in pastel colors or some crazy pop colors?
How does it look like? What kind of outfits were you pulling together with that hairstyle and what color it was? My friend is gonna dye her hair pink again and I was just curious about that trend.

Thank you so much~