Hi, everyone!
I'm going to use this world for showing you what's happening in my life, as well as other stuff..... So enjoy! ^^

My Twitter

Hey, dear friends~!
Whoever wants to follow me on Twitter, my account is @ZakushizuChise

A bunny

Can someone please draw me an adorable bunny?
I'm sad too much lately, so I would like something to cheer me up.
Just one little white, cute, adorable baby bunny, that's all.....

Kuroko no Basuke

Hey guys~
Since this is one of my favorite animes, I was wondering if there is some way to download their episodes with English subs. Not dubs, subs.
Does anyone know where I can download these episodes for free? I would really appreciate the info.

Thank you so much.

Guys? Help?

I would like to ask some of you a question, regarding my friend, but I can't really post it here. So, pm me if you wanna help, please?
I would appreciate that.

End of the stress

So, the exam period, my very first one is almost coming to an end. I have only one exam left and I hope that all will go well.
I enrolled the Academy very early, so I guess I'm the youngest person that ever enrolled the department of Musicology. Yay me. So, they challenge me a lot.
Anyways, I hope you guys are having fun and enjoying, creating cute art here on theO, making new friends and such~