Hi, everyone!
I'm going to use this world for showing you what's happening in my life, as well as other stuff..... So enjoy! ^^

My little sunshine~ ^^

MBLAQ's Seungho..... The definition of perfection~


I wanna be that much cute and cuddly with someone.....
This pic is from Zerochan. I do not own it.

OMG KPOP everywhere ^^

I don't know if it's because I became a kpop fan not so long ago, but now I start to notice kpop e cards and wallpapers and everything, that's so awesome! Not to mention how good these works are! Keep up with that good work!

Thanks everyone.

So..... Long time no see everybody. TheOtaku stuff sent me a message that they missed me. xD
That's the first time somebody told me they missed me..... through mail.
Anyway, what's new?
Well, my exams are coming soon, not to mention the exams for the entrance on the music academy
here in Serbia in Belgrade. I'm planning to be musicologist.
I have so many stuff to learn and prepare so please cheer for me! ~^^~
Hopefully, I will start doing some works for theO, just to show my thanks for making a perfect place to stay.
I really found a lot of people that understand me. I also wanna say thanks to my old and new subscribers (although I don't know how you managed to found me during the long period of inactivity..... xD)
The other thing that managed to make me happy is kpop. Yang Seungho captivated me..... (the leader of popular male group MBLAQ), so yeah, I'm in love..... ~^^~

Thanks for reading, and see you soon!

Happy holidays!!!!!

Happy holidays, my dear Otaku friends!
I'm sorry I didn't say that on time..... ^^:
Time..... I don't have it lately to hang around theO, but I will try to.
What are your wishes for the 2012 year?
I have only one challenge for you, at that is: