Hi, everyone!
I'm going to use this world for showing you what's happening in my life, as well as other stuff..... So enjoy! ^^

Rain Bi! *q*

I'm deeply in love with Rain Bi!!!!!
He is so cute, and hot at the same time! Too bad I'll never have a chance to meet him..... or go to one of his concerts.....
His songs are great, I'm always listening them!

Good vibes! ^^

Do you know that feeling like everything is going to be great? I love that feeling..... Because I know that something good is going to happen to me or my friends..... And it came true! It always does!
Sooo, do you know that feeling?

Answers! ^^

I got tagged by dfdfdfdf, so I will answer questions!

1. wat is ur fav color? BLUE! (I have more favorite colours, but since you're asking for only one )
2. wat was the craziest the u have ever don't in ur whole life? I'm not sure I understand this question ^^:
3. If u could be an anime character who would it be.vocaloids count for this question too. I would be Alice from Pandora Hearts.
4. Wat r u thinking about right now? The question number 2 xD
5. UR A POKEMON and u don't know how u became one ur response to it would be. I don't know how I became a pokemon. xD
6. Pichus everywhere wat do u do? Trying not to get killed? Just kidding, I would be friendly to them xD
7. If it was raining anything what would it be? Candies!!!!!
8. If u could control an element wat would it be? Water
9. Wat is ur fav genre of anime? Fiction, Comedy, Shoujo.....
10. If u were an animal which one would u be? Cat
11. Was this boring to u? No, I really like these questions!

Surprise test..... -.-"

We where at school today, and everything was going well, and then my teacher of Serbian language gave us a surprise test, under the excuse that she doesn't have to tell us when the tests are..... Ofc, I get it, we have to be ready for class, but c'mon!!!!!
But I will say thanks to God for making me this smart! (and pretty for that matter..... xDDD
I gave my friend a notebook with things we had on test and she told me and my friends all the answers we needed.... well, except one.....
But never mind that, the important thing is that we found a way not to get bad grades.....
Have you ever had some similar experiences?

So, the school started!

As you all know (I believe you do), school started! I'm happy to see all my friends and hang out with them, but the study part I hate..... xDD
But, I don't have a problem with studying so everything's ok.....
I'm rarely on theO, but I always try to find some time for friends here. Anyway, good luck to everyone!