Hi, everyone!
I'm going to use this world for showing you what's happening in my life, as well as other stuff..... So enjoy! ^^

So tired of everything!!!!! >_<*

I can't wait for the summer vacation, cuz I'm tired of all this exams, and I can't wait to say its over! I can't even spend my time on theO, and I really miss you all, guys!

Soon! ^^

Hello, my dear Otaku friends! Soon I will make some new wallies and E-cards, so I hope you will like them! If someone has any idea, please share it, if you want..... If you want some specific character, or anime, or manga, anything, I will gladly make it!

Finally!!!!! ^^

Finally, Easter vacation!!!!!
Only one more day to survive in school and then, party!!!!! I can't wait to spend the time with my friends.....

Find some friends! ^^

Dear Otaku members!
Can I find you on facebook? If you do have a facebook profile, leave a comment! ^^

Chocolate song

Today, me and my friend were in music school after the classes..... we were bored, so she and I wrote a song about chocolate..... xD People would say that we are crazy, but, thing is, we are crazy! Anyway, it was a very short song, we even had some melody for it, and played everything on the piano! Crazy, but, it was fun! After all, we are musicians! ^^