Hi, everyone!
I'm going to use this world for showing you what's happening in my life, as well as other stuff..... So enjoy! ^^


Hehehe, I saw a cute boy..... and he waved me.... xDD With a big adoring smile.

Nothing new..... -.-"

Feeling so bored this days..... I need a long vacation...... xD
Was watching Pandora Hearts lately, awesome anime, I liked it. I was looking for some mangas to read..... Can't draw lately, so little time, lot of piano practicing and studying..... I want to become great pianist, after all!

Bad times ..... :(

I heard everything that happened to Japan, the country we love the most. It's really bad situation and it worries me, when I saw the news, I couldn't believe that its happening to Japan! I'm not saying this only because I love manga and anime, I'm saying this because I really love Japan, and Japanese people, because of their culture, art and many more beautiful things. I pray everyday, and hope that everything will be soon fine.....

Positive vibes!

I don't know why, but I have some positive feeling, like something awesome is going to happen! I hope that good things will appear soon..... Usually, when I have this feeling, something good happens to my friends or me..... Anyway, I keep telling myself and everyone too: SPREAD THAT POSITIVE VIBES!!!!!

So weird..... O.O

These days were so weird.... We're not having fun at school like we had last week, not to mention time before that..... O.O I don't get it, like everything died, there is a lot of negative energy round here..... Some friends are sad, some friends are ok, some friends don't think about anything..... maybe we are just tired of tests, and all that stuff..... and maybe there is something behind all of this mess, bit I hope, and I believe that we will soon have fun, like we use to!