I'm more or less interested in anything dealing with Itachi but I get interested easily with any manga/anime
I'm not much to talk about an amateur artist trying to put up art for people to see as well as fan art. I hope you like this world I'm probably just do journal entries and compare things in life with some in anime/manga


If anyone is interested
I'm doing it with a friend

Answer and I'll...

It's that time

Riddle time .... question, game, etc

So first two to answer correctly will get a drawing

Same as before maybe a third winner

First gets a colored drawing
Second also get a colored drawing

Here it goes

The beginning of eternity, the end of time and space, the beginning of every end, and the end of every place.

Let the answers commence

Riddle me This....

As we know answer this and first two get a drawing
Same rules and prizes from last time

I start with the letter E, I end with a letter E. I contain only one letter yet I am not the letter E.?

Answer away
First two
Maybe a third

well then..for those who answered my last post...

Wasn't expecting that many to try and answer that riddle

Tea party princess
And Kyrachan
Are the big winners

Ill probably do this every now and then

What do you guys think

Alright I'm out let me know what you two would like

Answer and.....

So just to see who really is still around
I'm in a mood to draw for the first person to answer this question or really riddle or joke
Answer right on the first try you get a drawing colored and any anime character of your choice or o.c.. Just know I suck at realism so if you want a game character choose wisely
Answer but close no cigar then you get a line art or your character of your choosing yes it can even be an o.c

Also only for the first 2 to answer

So here it is:

What do you call a cop under a blanket

Simple right?