(no title)

Life goes and goes
Its going well
so why is there still a bit of sadness..
As though im missing something....

That thought that says
You can be happy
But your not
That thing in me that telling me
You aren't happy

What is there to not be happy on?
Why do i feel i am missing something?

I know I get nagged at things
Who doesn't
I have my problems...
Maybe its just
I don't tell others on them

My problems...
The things people say or do

Their my problems..
I can just throw em to the side
But for how long
How long til they come back

How long
Can i go without having someone worry
having someone think Im in trouble

How long can i hold a smile to them
And say its alright
Knowing its not...

How can i
tell them its ok
When its not

Maybe its already something normal
To act as though everything is alright.

Show a smile
Laugh a bit

When im breaking

Thats how its been
I guess thats why
I feel something missing
I may be fine
but Im not fully alright