So were on the same understanding

And so far the days that gone by i had to deal with things....

Most i understood and fixed others not so much

But for those who care to know I am going to stop posting artwork up here and anywhere else..... The Zuzu and Omnia one is my last one....and from there nothing more....
I will say its not anyone who said anything or whatever more on I'm doing it on my own will to not post anymore of my drawings because im not proud of em and i don't like my style as it i now.

So for now im a stop posting and just be favoring artwork and commenting when i can. Well thats all i got to say so see yeah around people

(A p.s)
Also for those who think I gave up on drawing no I didn't what i am doing is improving just I won't be posting the progress only few people will see my art if you care to know who it be chichi6 and dragonseiryukaplus their helping me with tips and such so of course i let em take a peek at what my progress is going.
I give myself 3months to improve.