My membership card for Lunastarz host club ^^ :

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XD I was tagged by Gem ABOUT YOU Eye Color: Changes Hair Color: Light brown Height: Uhm… Favorite Color: Blue Screen Name: inufluffy12 Favorite Show: Many many anime Your Car: N/A Your ...

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I've created another roleplay world (another one? is she crazy? the answer is: Yes, yes I am.) This roleplay is based on Ranma 1/2. So if you're interested, check it out >Here<

Stolen from CDCDCD89 XD

Which Death Note character are you most like? Light [] You have a big aim in life [x] You hate to lose [x] You feel that your eyes change colors with your behavior [] You are obsessed. [x] Your intelligence is ...

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My little bro (he's 11) is reading a book out loud to annoy me. He's acting like he's the best reader in the world, then says 'Euy' instead of 'Eye' laughs, and goes 'I'm getting in touch with my inner Auizie' instead of 'Auzzie' I can't stop laug...

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My most popular video on youtube so far ^^ Enjoy!