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Voice meme - questions? Anyone?

Hi :3
Out of complete and utter boredom and a random rise in my mood Inu feels like doing one of those voice meme thingies XD

So, anyone got any questions for me?
And yes, if you've actually read my troubled mind posts, then questions from those are ok too

C'mon guuuuyysssss. Queeessssstttiiioooon pleeeeeaaaasseeee XP

Anymore? Or is this it? X3 Last try before I get started

Currently asked-

Can you say something in Ukrainian? :3
Which is your most favorite thing to do in free time?
Are you close to the ocean or not?
First anime that you really liked?
Favorite anime and genre to that?
Are you still in love?

What color socks are you wearing?
What's it like in Australia? 8D
Have you ever been to an Anime Convention? If so, how was it? 8D
If a ninja fell down in the forest, would anyone be able to hear it?
Who's your favorite Inuyasha character?
Who's your favorite Naruto character..OTHER THAN DEIDARA 8D
If Chuck Norris came to you in the form of a sandwich, what would you do?
What's your favorite animal?

If you could live in an anime, what anime would it be?
What is to the right of you?
Do you want to be the very best?
Would you ever change your username? (on theO I mean.)
Is your room clean?
Last video game you played?
Did you have any dreams last night?
Do you have a dog?
Have you ever done a voice meme before?
How many times do you think you'll record this?

If you comment, then I will:

I. Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your profile page
II. Tell you a color you remind me of
III. Tell you to which element I think you belong (earth, wind, water, fire)
IV. Tell you what comic, manga / anime, or videogame character you remind me
V. Ask you a question and you must answer
VI. Tell you something I like about you
VII. Give you a nickname
VIII. Tell you the object that is to the left of me
IX. Tell you what food, flavor, or smell you remind me of
X. Tell you to put this in your world too

Yuppers, I'm jumping on the bandwagon cause I'm cool! And not just cause Hime told me to owo

Skype me?

Ok guys, so who has skype? :3
Or rather, who has skype and will actually bother to talk to Inu if we ever cross paths online?


Ok, look at this?
External Image
Got it? Good?

Alright. So Inu originally made these for Kami-chan, and I love her forever for actually using one as her avatar XD
External Image
See??? Loves *huggles*

So Inu was just randomly looking through some updates on theO, and noticed a post by the bossman and decided to check it out. Then she spotted this:
External Image
And after recognising what it was, promtly had a mini freak out. All 'WHAT SORCERY IS THIS???'

But, that was not what pushed Inu into mind melt excited/confused/happy/and confused mode. Voila~
External Image
And THAT boys and girls, is why my mind has melted. NFISNFDSLKNFSKDLDNSAKLDBNAJKFBASJKD!!!! Bossman! THE Bossman is using it! Like... fkbdfndjfndslkfndsklfbsjdgbdjsk!!!!!!!!!!!! *heaves from lack of breathing*
Like, you guys see that too right? I'm not just insanely implanting images into my mind right????

He probably doesn't even know I made it or whatever, but STILL! If you haven't seen me mention it before...



Well.... Didya miss me? Didya? Didya? I’m soooo sorry for being gone so long, but life’s been a big drama. First my internet USB was having trouble, then my laptop caught a virus. So I sent them both out to be fixed and they ended up sending the laptop back two weeks after the internet TT^TT So I couldn’t even make any wallies or stuffz while I waited *sobs* Most boring two weeks of Inu’s life. Oh, and how lucky am I? I lost all my writing/drawing inspiration right about then. I had noooooo muuuuuuusssseee. So I was pretty much sitting in my corner rocking myself while I cried...

After that a friend of mine died... So I obviously couldn’t be bothered with RPing, drawing, fun in general for a while after that. She was hit by a train, and people in Australia might’ve seen the story? So can I just make a quick request for people to make a quick prayer for Teresa Ho, her family and friends. Even if you don’t pray, maybe just spare a quick thought for them? Thank you.

THEN, Inu had a vocal exam she had to practice for. Now let me add, we had half a year to prepare for this, but my idiot teacher only gave us our songs/scales two weeks before... BLAH! But I still got an Honours ((second highest mark)) so I’m happy. Oh, oh! And I found out that Amai-chan ((visit her profile Mitsune Amai for cute artsies)) has the same vocal teacher I do! So I saw her at teh exams X3 She ish a cutie. But she needs to get her butt back on LT! Grr!

So when that was finished, I had to practice non-stop for a two different performances I had to do. One I had two days to learn a song I had to sing ;A; And the other was a singing/dancing show where we wore strange costumes and only knew half of the steps when there was only a week left. Oh, and to top it all of! I hurt my knee! So half that dance looked bleh cause I couldn’t move properly on it. Turns out I twisted the ligament in my knee, my kneecap moved slightly and I chipped some bone off. FML. And you know why? Well I’ve always had problems with my kneecap popping in and out D: but now I know why. There’s a bone in our knee that’s supposed to have a groove in it so the kneecap can move around easily, but mine’s completely flat. So now I have to do physio to push back the surgery I‘ll need as long as I can. The doc said that physio might be able to help for a little while but sooner or later I’ll have to have an operation for them to put that groove in my knee... yeowch.

Wizard of OZ costume:

I actually really liked the wig ((no matter how uncomfortable it was..)) But the dress... Ugh. And the glasses huuuuurrrttt. BUT! They gloooooowww.

Now, I’ve just had exams, which I swear I completely fluked managing to study the parts I needed. I’ve been studying the past couple a weeks but none of the info sticked. So I tried to cram the mornings before the exam ((Inu’s cram is to look over it a couple times then go play -_-;;)) and guess what! The few things I remembered were exactly what I needed for the exams! ((Mostly)) So hooray for meh!!

Ok, so I’m not really properly back, but I’ll start talking to peeps again and stuff. You wanna know why? Well remember teh thing I mentioned for December a while ago. Well I’m supposed to have two one minute monologues, two TV scripts and an AD memorised for in two weeks... AND I HAVEN’T LOOKED AT ANY OF IT! *goes and sulks in emo corner* So I have to cram for that now DX

So yesh.

In other news. I GOTS ME MY FIRST JOB! It’s at McDonalds, but ehh, it means I gets moneyz. I start tomorrow night :P And on the topic of moneyz... I ordered my dollfie!!! Y’know, the one I said I reaaaaalllllyyy wanted? I finally got enough money for him and I just ordered him a couple of hours ago. I ish realllly excited!!! Though I had to pre-order him *Chibi sobs* So it might still be a while until I get him. But I think he’ll be worth the wait. He’s 45cm which is supposed to be a mini, but I still think that’s pretty big :3

Anywaaaayyy. So I will get posting on RPS and stuff when I gets back from America around the 30th ((;A; I came back to see some of my favourite RPs are gone...)) Oh and people who requested icons and stuff, since I had to reset my laptop I’ve lost the pictures. So if you’d still want something from me, would you mind just sending it again?

OH! And thankies to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! I got such a warm fuzzy feeling when I saw all teh messages and gifts <3

Now to anyone who has bothered to stay with me long enough to read this, I absolutely adore you. <3 Peace out peeps.