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Awesome video

I love this Kamichama Karin video, it's so cute. I love the song!

crazy dream

The other night I had the weirdest dream.

there were all these people in a school. Then when the bell rand the danced to class(ballet). When they got to class, the teacher told them to close their eyes and imagine they were holding a bunch of roses. Then the teacher asked what thy would plae the roses on and everyone yelled 'carrots'

it was so weird, am I going crazy?



If I could change my fate, I would have years ago, but now I must face my demise. As I started to walk up the stone steps that would lead to my doom, I took one last look behind me, into the faces of friends and family that I would never see again. I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes, but I blinked them back, for I knew that if my face showed any emotion, my death would be much slower. The monster I was about to face, loved to see the tortured expression of his victims. I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. “Big sister, big sister.” I turned around to see the younger of my two sisters, Maggie, running towards me. “Maggie, go back to papa now!” I hissed. “No!” she cried, clinging to my leg. “If you don’t go back now he’ll kill you too!” I begged. “I don’t care, I want to stay with you,” she whimpered. “Please go back to papa, he and Lexie are already sad enough.” “If they were to lose you too, it would make them even sadder,” I explained to her. “Really?” she asked. “Yes, it would make them very sad,” I answered her. “Okay,” she whispered, tears staining her cheeks. “I love you,” she told me, and hugged me one last time. “I love you too,” I said as I hugged her back. “I’ll miss you,” she sobbed, before running back to my father’s side. I continued my journey up the stairs, and finally reached the top. I stared at the doors that would open and reveal the monster that would do me in. The doors opened to reveal a dimly lit room. I looked around to see if I could spot the monster. I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye, and spun around to see a little boy staring at me. “Hello,” he said in a very polite manner. “Hi?” I said suspiciously.
“Are you ready to die?” he asked. I thought about this for a moment, was I really ready to die? “Yes,” I said. “Is that your answer?” he questioned. “Yes,” I answered once again. “Then this is the end,” he told me. I closed my eyes and thought of my family, of never seeing them again. “Goodbye,” I whispered. Then everything went black.