My membership card for Lunastarz host club ^^ :

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Ok, Ok. So Inu saw the link to THIS on facebook and figured 'Ehh, I guess I'll sign up.'

Yesterday was the auditions. It was a very quick process. They asked a few questions then you had to memorise an advertisement and say it in front of a camera, no biggie.

I had tried for something like this before, a smaller thing, and didn't get in. And when I heard that only 8 people from my age group might get in out of over 800, I didn't expect much. Still, we had to send them an email so they could call us with the results. I wasn't expecting anything but...

I had a callback!

So today I had to go back to the same place, and had another questionare/audition thing. And well...

I GOT IN!!!!

I was so excited, I really couldn't believe it X3

So now, I have to go to Florida in December for the actual performance in fron of over a hundred casting directors and such. I'm signed up for singing and acting, so I hope I do well! There's a dance party, we get to meet celebs and there's even a red carpet awards ceremony and everything at the end with prize money and all that!!!

AHHH! I CAN'T BELIEVE I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aaaaand then I went to buy myself a Totoro plushie and gloves with the sharingan symbol ^^

The whole thing costs thousands of dollars we really don't have and we had to pay right then and there, so I really love my mum!!! Even though I know I'm going to get a lot of shit about it later D:

The only thing I'm really bummed about is my whole bank account was cleaned out and I won't be able to get a costume for manifest... I'm still going! Just without an amazing cosplay.

I think this is the longets post I've ever written...


Hey! Hey! Lookit what Inu did!!

I took this
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and made this
External Image

It took about two-three hours and I'm very proud of it X3

What do you think?


Okies, so Inu needs some help. She wants to cosplay for manifest, but can't choose between two characters I need your help! So.... this is a crappy webcam pic of Inu she took while playing on her laptop and lying on her bedroom floor....

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BUT! I. Shall. Resist. Urge. To. Rant...



Last night I had my first concert with the performing company I'm a part of. It was a lot of fun but I'm so tired. It finished late, we were in a stuffy room with four other groups that was downstairs from the theatre and bathroom, and then photos were futher downstairs. So there was a lot of stairs XD

We had two acts. A Sister Act medley and two song from Fame X3
I loved my Fame costume, fluro stuff, leg warmers that kind of stuff.
The nun outfit for Sister Act not so much. It was hot and stuffy and the elstic for the habbit thing hurt DX

All in all though, it was fun. The finale was fun and the encore had balloons coming from the ceiling. So, yup! Fun!

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